Nothing But Nets Wins Tournament

Rylee Kimball, Veritas Staff

April 5, 2017

Sponsored by the RHS Student Government, Rockland High’s Nets for Nets three on three basketball tournament took place on March 28.

The Nets for Nets tournament which comes around each year had teachers and students in an excited state of mind. Teachers scurried to get the best male and female student to play on their basketball team with them.

Mr. Finn of the foreign language department said, as he prepared to play, “I love the idea of this and think it will be a lot of fun.”

Nets for Nets is a double elimination tournament, with all students and teachers having hopes of coming out on top.  If a team loses one game, it goes into the Loser’s Bracket where it can then work it’s way back to th championship round if they don’t lose another game.

Mike Doyle, Caroline Elie and Andrew Starkey took home the win this year in the Nets for Nets 3 on 3 basketball tournament. courtesy photo

Nothing but Nets, came out on top this year. But theyhad to fight hard to become this year’s champions.

This team consisted of physical education teacher Mike Doyle, senior basketball captain Andrew Starkey, and freshman basketball point guard, Caroline Elie. They battled against Rogers Middle School teacher Matthew Vincenzi, Jake Crawford and Adiza Alasa, resulting in a 11-9 win.

The three teammates worked very hard to achieve this win. “I was really excited about the win, and I’m glad we are able to help others along with having fun at the same time,” Starkey said.

SGC used this entertaining event as a fundraiser. Through this event, over 300 dollars was raised in order to send nets over to families in Africa to protect them from mosquitoes that carry malaria. Malaria is a disease that is caused by parasites but is mosquito-borne. This disease can cause severe complications and even death, if left untreated. On average about 219 million people are infected with malaria each year.

Rockland students and administration were happy to raise a good amount of money. For every $10 raised, one net can be sent to a family in Africa.

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