The 2012-13 Veritas Staff


Leah O’Bryan, Class of 2013 –  Managing Editor


Georgia Panagiotidis

Devin Gilmore, Dawn Bille, Victoria Pratt, and Meghan Lee work in the lab in Room 124.


Dawn Bille, Class of 2013

Devin Gilmore, Class of 2014

Molly Garrity, Class of 2014

Conley Sharland, Class of 2013

Joe Rizzotto, Conley Sharland, and Jon Lindahl take a break from working on their Veritas stories.

Joe Rizzotto, Class of 2014

Tyler Quam, Class of 2014

Meghan Lee, Class of 2013

Jaqweal Holit and Tyler Quam in the lab.

Georgia Panagiotidis, Class of 2014

Jaqweal Holit, Class of 2014

Jon Lindahl, Class of 2013

Leah O’Bryan, Class of 2013

Victoria Pratt, Class of 2014

Mikaela Dion, Class of 2013

Molly Hurley, Class of 2013

Kayla Meech Class of 2013

Ashley Veiga, Class of 2013

Joelle Bowman, Class of 2013

Madalyn Maloney, Class of 2013

Instructors: Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Lannin-Cotton

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