Swim Team Will Compete in Every Meet

The 2017-2018 Swim Team

Matt Dalton, Veritas Staff

Bulldog winter sports have now begun and that means that swimming is back. Competing off campus, the swim team is unfamiliar to many students, but it might be time to give these fantastic athletes a chance to showcase their abilities in the water.

At first glance an unknowing watcher may think to themselves “swimming… that can’t be that hard.” But these athletes face more obstacles than you would think, in and out of the water.

Many of the athletes on the swim team have identified that one of the most difficult parts of swimming is the fact that they do not have a pool in the school.  Swimmers are forced not only to get to the pool, but to also find time when they can practice. Most of their practices take place at night (8-9:30) when the average person would be getting ready to go to bed.

Swimmers endure their tough schedules to improve their game so when meet day rolls around they are able to really perform at a high level. I’m sure from the attitude of the swimmers that it’s worth it.

The season is right around the corner and senior captain Jamie Atkins says that the team shares almost the exact same feelings. “The team is really coming together and working hard and we are excited to start the season.”

The boys team opened the season on Sunday, Dec. 17 with a 62-52 win over Randolph and the girls lost a close one 64-63.  They followed that up with a meet against Silver Lake on Tuesday, Dec. 19.

Coach Julie Margolis said, “We just strive to get best times and to get better with every swim. We don’t strive to win a meet, but would rather make a strong showing and have the meet scored to the end.”

Coach Margolis also said, “I’m hoping that we can get a swimmer or two qualified for sectionals this year which is extremely hard as none of our swimmers swim year round on a competitive team and that’s who they need to be able to compete with.”

Leading the team this year are five senior captains: Eden Rose Dalton, Jillian Schofield, Emily McLaughlin, Macie Jones and Jaymie Atkins.

The team competes at both the South Shore YMCA and at the Scituate Racquet and Fitness Club.

Mrs. Margolis said, “We would love to have any supporters come cheer us on.”


Five senior captains:Emily McLaughlin, Jaymie Atkins, Macie Jones, Eden Rose Dalton, and Jillian Schofield.

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