Tavares makes a point as Dogs’ playmaker

Senior Bryan Tavaresphoto by Kelley Reale

Senior Bryan Tavares
photo by Kelley Reale

Conley Sharland, Veritas Staff

On September 8th, 1993 in Quincy, Massachusetts, the world was blessed with the birth of an interesting character. 

His name, Bryan Tavares, and he is now a senior at RHS.   If you do not know Bryan for his funny jokes or bubbly personality, you might know him for his tremendous ability in the game of basketball.

This ability, however, was not always there. When I first met Bryan he didn’t even know how to make a lay up. That was in 6th grade. Now he is a three point shooting machine and a captain and member of the 11-1 Bulldog basketball squad. How did this talent develop?

When Bryan was younger he moved from the US with his parents to live in Brazil. He lived there for a couple years before returning home to the States. When he came back he moved to Rockland. He attended John W. Rodgers Middle School.

During the summer going into 6th grade you could find Bryan every single day at “the courts.” Bryan made the courts his new home focusing on every aspect of the game. He often sought out tougher, older opponents and played with the likes of Phil Comeau, Bryan Witt, and Dan Kimball. This made him tougher going against much bigger, stronger athletes.  Bryan did not cower or look for sympathy;  he only looked for the ball to come his way so he could prove his ability was no joke.

During his freshman year Bryan played JV for Coach Chuck MacDonald. He did well for the team playing point guard and setting up shooters like Ricky Witt or creating his own shot off the dribble. Sophomore year Bryan moved to Pembroke to live with his father. He played ball there leading the league in scoring and becoming a league all star.

From Pembroke Bryan could see that the Bulldogs would be a powerhouse in the upcoming years and couldn’t help but move back to be a part of it. Bryan’s junior year the Dogs went 18-3 making it to the 2nd round of the tournament. They lost to Cardinal Spellman 62-60 in a game that will never be forgotten.

Time goes on and now it’s senior year. Bryan is now a captain along side UMass Lowell commit Tyler Gibson and Matt Anzalone. He has helped lead his team to a league title with help from Tyler, as well as junior Matt Nicholson.

Bryan plays point guard setting up the two superstars as well as taking his Kobe like jump shot. Bryan actually earned the nickname “Kobe” as a youngster at the courts when everyone thought his jump shot looked like NBA All Star Kobe Bryant. Bryan ran with it. If you listen, walking through the halls you can hear students, such as myself yelling “Kobe!!!” at him. He simply smiles and continues to text. For senior superlatives Bryan won “Most Likely to be Texting.”

Bryan plans on going to college after high school where he plans to play basketball. With the regular basketball season nearly over and tournament coming up, Bryan is  sure to receive  scholarship offers. In the meantime he is focused on taking the Bulldogs deep into the postseason this year. The Dogs open up at home on Wednesday night February 27.

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