Seniors Take One Final Bow

Jurnee Dunn, Sophie McLellan, Michael Bodley and Ryan Struzziery. Dunn, McLellan and Bodley are seniors.   Veritas photo by Maddie Gear

December 10, 2016

Sophie McLellan, Veritas Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the curtains were pulled closed, and the seats emptied in the auditorium after the Saturday night performance of Grease, the actors backstage cheered in celebration of another show well done.

But amidst the crowd of revelers,  a group of seniors were caught in the bittersweet moment that had come all too soon. They all turned to one another, tears in their eyes and embraced. It was their last show at Rockland High School.

For seniors involved in the theatre department, it will be difficult to walk away from the fierce friendships that were created on stage over their four years spent at RHS. Between the late rehearsals, stupid jokes, and random outbursts of songs, a family was created.

Morgan Foster, Jurnee Dunn, Sophie McLellan, Michael Belmonte, Kimberlie Jean-Poix, Angelica Pacombe, Taylor Vernava, Adam Royle, Shandi Austin and Michael Bodley are all seniors who have taken their final bow for the theatre guild.

For some Grease was their first performance.  Adam Royle made the audience laugh in his role of Eugene, Michael Belmonte impressed everyone with his quick wit in the role of Vince Fontain, and Michael Bodley inspired the audience with his positive demeanor; he received a standing ovation on both nights for his performance of “Those Magic Changes.”

For others, Grease was the last show after years of performing.

“I’ve been really upset over the fact that this was my last show. I never thought I’d really see the day where I had to say goodbye to these amazing people.  It really has hit me hard,” said senior Shandi Austin, who has been a part of the theatre guild for four years. “The theatre department is my home. It’s everything I want to do with my life someday. It’s the reason I’ve survived high school honestly, and I’m so grateful.”

We can all agree that the times we have spent together in the theatre department have  been the best times of our lives. The friendships we have made will always be in our hearts. No matter where we go or who we become, we will always be able to look back on our days on stage and know that we were a part of something magical.

So, to take a quote from A Chorus Line, the musical we did together last year, “Kiss today goodbye / And point me toward tomorrow / We did what we had to do / Won’t forget, can’t regret / What I did for love.”

The Finale of A Chorus Line in May of last year.      Veritas file photo

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