Cheerleaders having great season so far

Bobby Gasdia, Veritas Staff

There’s no question that the RHS varsity cheerleaders take what they do very seriously. They can be found roaming the halls with their game faces on while sporting high tempoed ringtones of their own cheer music.

The team is coming off one of its most successful years, winning multiple state titles, a New England title, and placing second in the nation, leaving this year’s squad with some big sparkly pom poms to fill.

Junior cheerleader Krystin Killion predicted this past Saturday’s tournament win.

This was accompanied by the statement that they were going to “Stomp out E.B” at the upcoming league competition on November 10th.

Lucky guess or not, there is no doubt that these girls have mad skills, and are looking forward to their opportunity to square up against EB for the league title.

The girls have dominated this year’s first three invitational tournaments, leaving Carver, Fairhaven, and Winthrop in their glittery dust.

Traveling to Braintree, Marshfield and Chelmsford, the girls found the road trips to their liking and came in first in each venue.  What else is new?

This high intensity, no mercy themed team of girls is causing everyone in RHS to speculate upon a possible repeat of last year’s jaw dropping performances. And with the team growing in confidence and skill some even look forward in time to a possible “Three-Peat.”

Rockland High’s beloved Chris “Beeka” even weighed in saying, “We are running out of room for trophies!”

Brand new shirts have been designed to acknowledge the dominant attitude of this team and have even been sold to Abington High students!

For sale at thirteen dollars, you can represent the girls and your community, while looking like a rock star in these new flavorful tee-shirts.

Senior Captain Haley Reardon stated, “The shirts are the and I can’t wait to see the whole school wearing them.”

The hype behind the team this year is stronger than it’s ever been. This year’s “Bad Girls” theme has proven to be a hit at the pep rally and the first competition of the year, boosting already sky-high confidence and competitiveness.

Check our website posts for information on the League competition in Abington on November 10th and the Regionals on November 17th.

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