Theater Guild to present Peter Pan in December

peter pan flyer

Jillian Donahue
Veritas Staff

“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Neverland.”

Rockland High School’s Theater Guild brings back their amazing plays and this year they will present to you the well loved Peter Pan musical play.

Jennifer Hartnett, the chorus teacher for both Rockland Middle School and the high school, is the new faculty director for the Theater Guild. For the last few years science teacher Angelina Armstrong was the director. She’s still helping out, but she wants to spend more time with her family.

Peter Pan is a family friendly classic and a play that many people enjoy. It’s also Hartnett’s choice for her first play.

“I chose Peter Pan for my first time directing a play because I wanted to do a play that I knew well and [one in which] anyone could play any character; it doesn’t matter on the gender.”

The play is coming along together smoothly with rehearsals Monday through Thursday.
When tech week comes around they will be working Monday through Thursday from five o’clock to ten o’clock, making sure the play will be perfect.

Hartnett says different scenes such as a pirate ship will be designed by Ms. Armstrong. She also says they are considering using the projector to create certain special effects. There will be many fun props but sadly, there will be no flying Peter Pan.

Stephanie Blaney playing the lead role of Peter Pan says, “I’m super excited and can not wait for everyone to see it. The audience should take in the show and be excited to be taken into Neverland.”

Hartnett says, “It’s going to be awesome; it will be pretty amazing. The kids are working really hard.”
Peter Pan will be premiering on Friday, Dec. 12 at 7 pm, Saturday, Dec. 13, also at 7 pm, and lastly on Sunday, Dec. 14 at 1 pm.

semi cast


(Understudies in parentheses)

WENDY DARLING- Ella Engle ( Genesis Rojas)
JOHN DARLING- Ryan Struzziery (Danielle Hill)
LIZA- Danielle Hill
MICHAEL DARLING- Devin Gallagher
NANA- Madison Parlee
MRS. DARLING- Lauren Illes
TINKER BELL- (tech crew)
PETER PAN- Stephanie Blaney (Sophie McLellan)
THE LION- Angelica Pacombe
THE OSTRICH- Jurnee Dunn
SLIGHTLY- Jeremy Bradley
CURLY- Tahmya Cappra
NIBS- Ryan Mott
1ST TWIN- Morgan Foster
2ND TWIN- Sophie McLellan
CAPTAIN HOOK- PJ Butler (Leah DeCecco)
SMEE- Chris Landy (Danielle Hill)
THE CROCODILE- Jeremy Bradley
TIGER LILY- Alyssa Collins (Jurnee Dunn)
STARKEY- Genesis Rojas
CECCO- Nicole Cook
NOODLER- Ronan McNally
MULLINS- Kaitlyn Mott
JUKES- Makenzi Buckley
WENDY (grown-up)- Lauren Illes
JANE (her daughter)- Ella Engle (Genesis Rojas)

Additional PIRATES: Rebecca Elliott
INDIANS: Angelica Pacombe, Tiffani Vo, Jurnee Dunn, Lauren Illes, Erin Field, Madison Parlee, Rebekah Panaro, Shandi Austin
TREES: Erin Field, Rebekah Panaro, Madison Parlee

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