Seniors Take Powder Puff Contest Two Years In A Row


the winners

Class of 2015 have won two Powder Puff contests: last year as juniors and this year against the Class of 2016.


Haley Macray, Veritas Web & Features Editor 

On Friday, Nov.  21, the senior class, led by quarterback Brianna Starkey, went 2-0  after defeating the juniors with a 20-14 win during the annual Powder Puff flag football game. This follows their win against the Class of 2014 last year.

The juniors, led by quarterback Kyra Rose did well during their first Powder Puff experience with one touchdown each by Rose  and Kylie McKenna and a two point conversion by Angela Turner.

“When it came to coaching the junior girls, as a coaching staff we knew it was a delicate situation,” said junior coach Mike Ahern.

“The girls not only needed to know the basics of the game, but they needed to know how to execute plays and how to react to the opposing offense. We approached these problems by taking our time and making sure each girl understood their role on whatever they were doing.”

The junior’s coaching seemed to pay off – the Class of 2016’s performance during the game exceeded expectations, even impressing senior coach Sharon McGonnigal.

“The juniors played an excellent first half and put the seniors on their heels,” she said.

“I think the juniors did exceptionally well,” said Rose, “Better than anyone expected us to do.”

Both teams were faced with the challenge of making quick adjustments to their lineups due to the cheerleaders’ state competition the weekend of the game.

In order to prevent any injuries that would make them incapable of competing, the cheerleaders did not play in Powder Puff but supported their teammates from the sidelines.

Although the juniors played well, they could not outdo the seniors’ three touchdowns, scored by Natalie Ellard (2) and Lauren Farrell (1) along with Ellard’s two point conversion.

“Winning for the the second year in a row was so exciting,” said Starkey. “Going into the game thinking it was going to be an easy win and having to fight for it made it one to remember.”

Ms. McGonnigal was excited about the win as well.

“For the seniors, going 2-0 was a good goal to reach for,” she said.  “During the 4th quarter they put themselves in a position to win. They executed their game plan when they needed to.”

“We knew we had to go into the game ready to get the juniors baffled,” said Starkey. “Our biggest strategy was to rush the QB and make sure our defense was on point.”

The juniors and seniors were a good match and had close scores for a portion of the game.

“The seniors didn’t finish the game with the blow-out they were talking about, but we definitely still did come out with the win,” says Starkey.

As for the juniors? They’re already thinking about next year’s face-off.

“The girls will win,” says Ahern, “Class of 2017, watch out. We’re coming.“

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