The Innocence and The Grief

Welcome back everyone! We had a nice break, and we hope you did, too. In our return issue, you will find a wide variety of writings. From the heartache of a superhero to the quiet thoughts of a night, this Images issue is one of our best. As always, enjoy and comment to your heart’s content.    

uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

-A short story by Lydia Guerrero

Abiby Bridget Martin

by Bridget Martin

And now, a poem from a sixth grade Bulldog at RMS

“Good Night”

Good Night
Sleep tight
Don’t let the bedbugs bite
But they might
What a fright
But it’ll be alright
Just send them on a flight
To the light
Which is white
In a kite
Which they’ll fight
With the black knight
What a sight
But not very bright
Unless you put Kryptonite
Into the sunlight
Which will make it right
In Twilight

-John J. Ellard III

Rainbowby Sami Murray

by Sami Murray


I miss you.
So freaking much.
And I know I can’t talk to you.
And I know our separations for the best.
But my heart gets the best of me.
I still remember every crack
In your skin, faults that shouldn’t
Be on the face of such innocent beauty.
And those big green eyes that
Looked like gemstones
As the moon was reflected.

When I see those eyes
In the pictures that hang in my room,
I remember fond days spent
Hanging out, you in my arms,
Not a care in the world as we wasted
Those sweet summer days in
Such youthful ignorance.
You were the only thing that mattered,
In a time where the world was so small.
And still so scary.

Drowning any possibility of separation
And loneliness,
In summer loving and cheap thrills.
Flights of fancy lasting
Hours on end.
The kisses you gave me,
Those moments of electricity,
Oh how the sparks still dance on my lips.

You were so perfect, in beauty and intellect.
You were so innocent, so happy.
And in the end,
We both know it was me who tore us apart.
I wanted to love you,
I needed to love you,
But a person can only love one who
He sees.
But a person can only have one love,
Not two.

That’s when I figured out
How good you really were.
Too good for a guy like me
Who burns away fear of separation
And Loneliness,
WIth stupid games,
And summer loving that wasn’t mine.
That’s when you saw how weak I
Really was.

That’s when you figured out
The only way to help me
Was to hurt me.
Burn me in a way no fire
Ever could.
Cut me in a way razors
Never could.

So I’ll keep my peace,
Shut my mouth,
And just keep my lusting eyes closed.
Because whenever I see those big green
Eyes in photos my friends hide,
I  Remember the way
Your lips felt on mine,
And how every minute we spent together
Was better than any feeling.
And when I look back on the day
You said”it’s over”
And then I’ll thank you.

-Pearse McNally



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