We Will Miss You Graz!

Cameron Babcock, Veritas Sports Editor

In April, Rockland athletic director Gary Graziano will be retiring. He started working at Rockland High School on March 1st, 1998. and served as our athletic director for 19 years, starting in 2004.

Taking his place as athletic director is varsity soccer coach and teacher in the high school transitions program, Dan Kimball. 

Mr. Graziano will be retiring on April 14.  His last day as AD is today, March 31.  Mr. Kimball will be taking the position on April 1.

Dr. Harrison said in his March newsletter, “…Mr. Graziano has been a fixture as a guidance counselor, coach, and most recently, an athletic director. He has certainly left his mark in our community, raising the standard for our athletic programs.”

Principal Harrison also expressed his feelings about Mr. Kimball’s appointment as the new AD: “I have complete confidence Mr. Kimball will do an exceptional job in this new role!”

Undoubtedly, students and teachers are going to miss their athletic director after working and experiencing history with him over the years. Even students that haven’t been able to experience the full scale of high school and sports alongside Graz are sad that he is leaving. Sophomore and three sport athlete Jacob Comman explained, “Personally, I loved Graz being the athletic director through my first two years of high school. I’ll miss how involved Graz is, his closeness with the students, and his humor. Overall, my experience with Graz has been awesome.”  

Mr. Graziano was recently inducted into the RHS Athletic Hall of Fame.  He is also an honorary member of the National Honor Society at RHS.  And he’s even been the King!

The Veritas’ complete interview with Mr. Graziano about his retirement and his memories at RHS and more reactions from students and staff will be published in our next edition.

Here’s an article that was in the Enterprise this week about Graz.

Graz was inducted into the Rockland High School Athletic Hall of Fame as a player, coach and athletic director in November. Mr. Damon did the honors introducing Graz and talking about his many accomplishments at RHS.

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