Chris Landy Crowned Mr. Rockland

Chris Landy, Pearse McNally, Leshon Crawford, Andrew Frazer and Ed Yeadon

Chris Landy, Pearse McNally, Leshon Crawford, Andrew Frazer and Ed Yeadon

Tim Sullivan, Veritas Staff

This year’s Mr. Rockland competition was full of variety including singing, dancing, poetry, and more. Winning over the judges’ hearts, Chris Landy was crowned the new Mr. Rockland.

The Mr. Rockland contest would not have been possible without the hard work of the student government, especially junior Lexie Carchedi, the finance and fundraising committe chair, and adviser, Kristen Walsh, as well as the judges, math teacher, Fred Damon, English teacher, Amanda McDonough and science teacher, Samantha Hoyo.

The night started off softly when Pearse McNally touched many hearts with his ever so sweet love poem.

Eddie Yeadon, the runner-up of the competition brought us back a few ages with a quality demonstration of ribbon dancing.

Another great performance was done by Andrew Frazer, bringing us back to the early 2000s when he sang “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker. He brought the whole place to laughter when he started singing it to Mr. Damon.

Who can forget about the most important performance? Chris Landy shocked the world when he came out on stage wearing a  cheering uniform.

Although he does not cheer for the school he still managed to win the crowd and judges’ hearts with his comical cheers and dance moves.

When asked on stage what he would rather be smart or sexy, he replied, “sexy… I want abs,” thus displaying his comical side. Many members of the audience were in tears laughing.

There was one last thing that put the icing on the cake for Landy. Because the traditional improv comedy part of the competition was considered too awkward for contestants, there was a new dance-off category introduced, in which the contestants had to dance randomly to different songs.

When Landy came on stage in what he was previously wearing and started unbuttoning his shirt, the audience all wondered, “What could he be doing?”

Soon enough, once he pulled his shirt off, he was wearing a Miley Cyrus twerking t-shirt. The crowd died laughing. Once everyone saw his dance moves it was a wrap; he was the clear winner.

Landy will receive a $250 scholarship from the Student Government Council along with his title.

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