Fall Sports 2017 Unsung Heroes

Veritas Staff

As the 2017 fall sports season comes to an end, all the teams have been recognized for having successful seasons. Contributing greatly to every team are certain players who are sometimes known as unsung heroes. An unsung hero does whatever it takes to help their team.

Maryn Monett – Soccer

Girls Soccer – Maryn Monett

Coach Lauren Rizzotti chose sophomore Maryn Monett as the team’s unsung hero.

Ms. Rizzotti said, “Maryn is the best kind of player to coach because she always wants to do her best. She consistently works hard and truly enjoys playing.  She is my unsung hero because she impacts our dream drastically with her smart decision making, her toughness and her drive.”

Coach Rizzotti also recognized Monett for her versatility.  “She will stand out in any position she is asked to play without question. She finished several important balls for us that earned us a win and constantly shuts down the opposing team.”

In all, Ms. Rizzotti summed up the sophomore this way: “Maryn is an absolute blast to have on the team and her talent is undeniable.”

Boys Soccer – Nick Blonde 

Nick Blonde – Soccer

Coach Dan Kimball has named freshman Nick Blonde as the team’s unsung hero.

Coach Kimball said, “He is a freshman starting sweeper, played in every game this year. and did a great job as a vocal leader for our defensive unit.”

Gavyn White – Football

Football – Gavyn White

Senior Gavyn White was named the team’s unsung hero by coaches Nicholas Liquori and Fred Damon for his outstanding work down in the trenches.

“He is a solid lineman to have on the offensive line. For a team that takes 100% of snaps from the shotgun and the fact that we only had one or two fumbled snaps he is huge for us,” said Coach Liquori about White.

Golf- Peter Kohler  

Peter Kohler – Golf

Peter Kohler was chosen by his coach Brian Smith as the golf unsung hero. According to Mr. Smith, “Peter showed up and performed well everyday. He was an integral part of our team, playing in the 5 or 6 spot in just about every match.  While he may not have gotten the notoriety of the some of the players, during multiple matches it came down to Pete’s match and his performance led us to victory.  As a junior, I’m excited to see Peter take on a larger role with the team next season.”

Jessie Demarco – Volleyball

Volleyball – Jessie Demarco

Coach Emily Murphy selected sophomore Jessie Demarco as the volleyball team’s unsung hero.

Coach Murphy explained, “Jessie always gives a hundred percent and always plays calm. Even as a sophomore she displays traits that usually only upperclassmen have. She was definitely the most improved player this year and you can attribute that to her incredible work ethic.”

Boys Cross Country 

Tyler Johnson

Coach Robert Murphy picked sophomore Tyler Johnson because of his tremendus efforts in their last meet which they won by one point. He got them the win by placing and giving them the lead.

Mr. Murphy said that Johnson is a very hard worker, and clearly a gifted athlete who “places in most of our meets.”

Tyler Johnson and Sarah McLellan – Cross Country

Girls Cross Country

Sarah McLellan

Girls cross country coach Melissa Harris chose sophomore Sarah McLellan as the team’s unsung hero because Sarah broke her personal record three times this season and placed in every meet.

Coach Harris also said Sarah showed up to every practice with a “positive attitude ready to work hard.” Miss Harris said this was why she was chosen as the unsung hero and she’s proud of her.

Cheerleading – 

Natalie Draicchio

Natalie Draicchio – Cheerleading

Cheer Coach Jeanine Reardon selected Natalie Draicchio as the team’s unsung  hero. “She is a senior captain who works hard everyday.”  She is kind and respectful to her teammates all the time.  Nat plays a big role as base on the team.  She has been on the varsity squad for four years and we are very lucky to have her. Draicchio, Mrs. Reardon said, “supports her team in many ways and is an amazing role model for all of her underclassmates.”

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