Volleyball Team Wins First Ever League Title

Shane Rosczewski, Veritas Staff

October 2, 2017  (updated October 17)

Volleyball coach, Emily Murphy who has been the varsity coach for two years now, says coaching in general is very hard because “each day there needs to be a practice plan,” and “new skills need to be taught to new players while other need to review.”

Coach Murphy’s favorite thing about the team this year is that the squad is willing to work hard and have fun at the same time.

“I think we are able to laugh and goof around before practice, but as soon as the whistle blows, they can turn on the competitive side and work hard.”

She credits the leaders of the team for their work ethic and business-like attitude.

Hannah Murphy and Olivia Elie. photo by Emily Marquis.

“I will say we have really strong leadership from our two captains, Olivia Elie and Hannah Murphy.”

Coach Murphy predicted that the team would make the tournament this year (they have), and “go the furthest RHS has ever seen volleyball make it.”

On October 16, the volleyball team clinched an undefeated South Shore League Championship with a win over Norwell.

The team has had several exciting, down to the wire matches this year.

Freshman player Althea Olsen is excited to be on the team this year, mostly because she loves her teammates. It is Olsen’s first year as a school volleyball player and she is very excited to play.

Olsen likes the sport a lot because there is “a lot of momentum and energy on the team,” and that’s what she likes for a team.

Congratulations to the team on their league championship and good luck to the team in the postseason tournament!

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