Boys Soccer Team Off to a Great Start


Boys Soccer Captains and Coach: Left to right: Liam Lenihan, Jeff Donahue, Jake Crawford, and Coach Dan Kimball. photo by Jaylen Haltiwanger

Joshua Thompson, Veritas Staff

October 9, 2016

“We all seem to be having fun and it helps that we’re winning. Plus we all love Wholefoods chicken tenders,” said first year player and junior Matty O’Brien when asked about the chemistry of the boys soccer team.

O’Brien also likes the positive attitude about his team. “As a team we don’t fear any team we are going to face,” said O’Brien.

The team has kicked off the season with a 7-2 start and are really showing their confidence level.

After changing coaches and losing key players, Joe Kimball and Gustavo Rubiero to graduation, it might have seemed it would be an average year. But that wasn’t the Bulldogs’ plan.

The team needed new go-to players, and senior Jake Crawford has stepped up. ”I have taken more of a leadership role because it is my senior year,” he said.

Crawford says the main goal for the team as a whole is to make tournament and pass the first round. Another goal for the Bulldogs is to finish the season with a record of 14-4.

The team’s new head coach, RHS graduate, Dan Kimball has taken the helm of the team by storm. Mr. Kimball likes what his team has shown him thus far this season.

Kimball said, “The sense of community and family is something that you do not find in many places.”

Kimball also says he was prepared for this big step by his former high school coaches. Mr. Damon, Mr. MacAllister and the one and only, Mr. Liquori.

What the team has shown thus far this season has really impressed Mr. Kimball. For a team with only a couple returning players they look like a team of seasoned veterans returning. This includes Brockton High transfer Darcy Guimaraes who has turned out to be outstanding, turning into a goal scoring machine and even receiving the player of the week honor recently.

Another outstanding performance was displayed by Jake Crawford recently who had six goals recently again Hull.

Every team has players that stand out and awes the fans with their skill, but Mr. Kimball credits the team concept for their success.

”There are always going to be players with great talent, but to me, the players that have great talent, are the leaders, and are able to play within the team concept; these are the ones that truly stand out, said Kimball.

“Fortunately, we have a handful on this team that keep our core strong. Our captains (Crawford, Donahue, and Lenihan) exemplify the Bulldog mold that makes this team special.”

The Bulldogs have a majority of the season left, and will continue to work toward a good showing in the league.

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