Trudeau’s love for hockey began early

Trevor Trudeau guards the net for the Bulldogs who open up their tournament play on Monday, 2/25.Photo courtesy of Carl Strobel

Trevor Trudeau guards the net for the Bulldogs who open up their tournament play on Monday, 2/25.
Photo courtesy of Carl Strobel

Molly Garrity, Veritas Staff Reporter

As a child, his mom was a professional ice-skating coach so he’s always been used to the rink. With his parents encouragement he got into hockey at an early age and has been hooked on the game ever since.  

    Trevor Trudeau is the varsity goalie for the Bulldogs hockey team for the 2012-2013 season. As a junior, he has started at goal every game. The 5’10  goalie for the Bulldogs hasn’t failed to impress his fans and teammates since he took over the position sophomore year and earned a place on the  South Shore League All-Star team.  He was selected once again this year.

Trudeau works hard on his hockey game. He says, “I’ve improved a lot since last year, I’ve worked on my speed and skills.” Trudeau is humble about his talents and simply states, “I want people to know that I love the game.” That, he definitely does.

Truly a die-hard hockey player, Trudeau admits outside of school he  likes “anything hockey.”

Polling students in the halls everyone including his teammates, the fans, and his teachers as well all commend Trudeau as a goalie and a student.

Junior Tim Daggett, a key player on the ice for the Bulldogs says “Without Trev’ the outcomes of the games would change 100%.” He compliments his teammate  saying, “He’s a good leader, and he plays with a lot of heart.” Daggett laughs as he adds, “He lets us pick on him and he can shake it off.”

Trudeau receives compliments from an array of fans as well.  Junior Jake Burns says, “Trev’s nasty; he’s fun to watch.”

In the same way, he has a lot of respect for his team and he looks forward ”to winning some more games.”

As a goalie, he can not control the offense, but he says that on defense he depends on Tim Daggett the most because “he always makes the right play and I know I can count on him.”

Trevor proves to be successful in the classroom as well. History teacher Ms. Lombardi says, “Trevor does well, he’s quiet and he does his work; he is very polite!”

As a team, the Bulldogs are not to go underestimated. The team composed mostly of juniors, has a lot of potential. With Trevor behind them, they are looking forward to postseason which begins on Monday, February 25th at 7 pm against Dartmouth at the Rockland Rink.

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