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Celebrating Seniors

RHS celebrated their senior athletes and performers on Friday, April 9 with flowers and balloons and even better, two big wins!

First to be recognized on Friday afternoon were the senior girls on the volleyball team, Mayavana Reese and Jessica Driscoll. The girls have been part of a highly successful volleyball team which picked up where it left off back in the 2019 season when they went all the way to the state finals. This year the girls proceeded to go undefeated during the regular season and won the South Shore League title. They will begin the league playoffs tomorrow (Wednesday) in the semifinals at home against Abington at 4pm.

On Friday night the football team had their unofficial homecoming as they played their first Fall 2 season game in Rockland Veterans Memorial Stadium.

They, like the volleyball team, had to wait a long time to get back on the field.. They too are undefeated so far in all their games this spring and looked to keep it that way. After the senior members of the band, the senior cheerleaders and the seniors on the football team were recognized, the football team went out and won 49-0 against Randolph. They kept their undefeated season (5-0) going. Due to power ranking placement Rockland will not play in the SSL title game but they will look to remain undefeated in their last two games, the first this Thursday night at 5:30 against Mashpee at home.

Congratulations to all the seniors, the teams and their coaches!

Below is a list of seniors recognized on Friday night. Thanks to Jeanine Reardon and Dr. Harrison for the pictures!

Band and Chorus Seniors: Emily Gaboriault, Robert Ivil, Billy Robinson and Zachary Solomon

Cheerleading Seniors: Natalia Roosa, Gianna Gervasi, Meghan Kirby, Hayley Benson, Katie Fitzgerald and Calin Monett

Football Seniors: Ryan Hindy, Hunter Wardwell, Jacob Moore, Patrick Moriarty, Jimmy Tsiantoulas, Tom McSweeney, Cullen Rogers, Jendry Mejia, Nick Soares, Zachary Ofurum, Nick Leander, Nick Earner, Terell Wright, Colin McKerrell and Joe Nguyen.

The March 2021 Veritas is Here!

What has been happening at RHS? The Veritas Staff has put together news and commentary from students and staff at RHS. The Veritas will continue to look for important stories and interesting ideas from the halls and classrooms of our high school. Contact us with anything you would like us to report on!

Enjoy our March 2021 issue!

Winter Sports Wrap Up

James Tsiantoulas, Sports Editor

Feb. 27, 2021

Senior co-captain Patrick Moriarty was named Sullivan Division Player of the Year!

With the end of another fantastic sports season, the school as a whole is making its way into the newest set of sports. However, that should not overshadow the great seasons each winter sports team had this year. From boys and girls basketball, to hockey, let’s reflect on each team’s success and look forward to how these teams bounce back next year.

The boys varsity basketball team had a great finish to their season. The team went 6 and 1 behind their senior captains Hunter Wardwell, and Patrick Moriarty, who was also SSL Sullivan Division player of the year. Their season, although cut short two weeks due to close contact tracing, was still a major success for the program. “Yea the masks definitely had a set back on our season and on our conditioning but luckily enough each and everyday we came ready to work and improve not only our game but our conditioning. At times we didn’t feel like a team at times because not being able to go into the locker room or the new rules but we fought through some adversity and made the best out of a season.” Senior captain Hunter Wardwell had high praise for the team through the adversity of the season.

They won their quarterfinal game against East Bridgewater after three weeks of no action, showing they still had it in them. However, their semifinal game against Abington ended in defeat, ending their season.

This is nothing to be ashamed of, as the Bulldogs had an amazing season and look to bounce back next winter season. The seniors leaving the program this year are Patrick Moriarty, Hunter Wardwell, Derrick Williams, Joey Nguyen, Cullen Rogers, Zach Ofurum, Bryan Colarusso, Jack Reis, and Evan Burke. 

Coach Fred Damon was honored as the Coach of the Year in the Sullivan Division.  


Julia Elie had a big game against East Bridgewater in the playoffs.

The girls varsity team also had a great season, going 9 and 4 in total. They lost in the semifinal as well, to Norwell, but that does not overshadow the great season they had. Junior captain Julia Elie said about the season, “It definitely took some getting used to, with the no fans and all the protocols but we were all just grateful to actually have a season and be able to play, considering most teams either got shut down or had their season canceled.

Freshman Maggie Elie, Julia’s sister, had a good year taking over as the team’s point guard for her sister Caroline who graduated last year. Also playing well were sophomore Sydney Blaney, starting for the second year, and sharp-shooting sophomore Charlie Kelleher. Sophomore Emma Cameron rounded out the starting line-up and sophomore Maddie Hermenau was a force off the bench. 

The team led by their All-Stars Julia Elie, Charlie Kelleher, and Maggie Elie had a fantastic season, and are poised  to have another successful year with the same roster coming back next year.  There were no seniors on the roster this year, but Julia Elie, Maddie Murphy, Jordan Stec and Carolayne Lage will provide the team with senior leadership next year.


Nick Blonde with his mother and father after the final game in which he scored his 100th point.

Finally, the boy varsity hockey team had a great finish to their season. The team led by their senior captains Nick Blonde, Zack Phripp, Thomas Mcsweeney and Nick Leander, finished their season with 6 wins,  5 losses and one tie.  

They got  a win against Abington, 5-3 in their last game in which senior captain Nick Blonde scored his 100th High School point with 2 seconds left on the clock.

The team was not able to compete in the SSL tournament at the end of the year however, as the team was on a 2 week hiatus due to COVID-19 protocols. However, overall this was a great season and the team looks to bounce back and compete next year. Senior captain Nick Leander said, “It went pretty good I thought. We didn’t get shut down till the end of our season due to COVID. Even though we weren’t able to compete for a league championship we still got to come back for a final 2 games to end of our season which was good to finish at .500. It was difficult sometimes cause you could never know when you could be playing due to other team could shut down that day or day before, but it was great having the opportunity to play.”

The seniors leaving the program are Nick Blonde, Zack Phripp, Thomas McSweeney, Nick Leander, and Ryan Hindy. In addition, Nick Blonde, Nick Leander, Thomas McSweeney, Jake Higgins and Sean Geary all made the SSL All-Star team.

Virtual Pep Rally Scheduled For Tomorrow, Feb. 12 at 1:15 p.m.

Rockland High School students filled the stands at last year’s outdoor rally that was held in October.

Feb. 9, 2021

Ngan Nguyen, Veritas Staff

  • Jonah Pishkin, Veritas Staff,  also contributed to this report

To raise a bit of school spirit, Rockland High School’s Student Government Council  is hosting a Virtual Pep Rally on Friday, February 12 at 1:15 PM. Even though this is not our traditional homecoming pep rally in October, it will still be fun and spiritually uplifting for everyone. 

 The pep rally will be from 1:15-1:35 PM. Here is the link to watch the rally:

Students in Cohort A will be watching the event in their E block class and Cohort B students will be asked to participate from home through a webinar link. 

To prepare for this pep rally, it’s encouraged that students should wear their class shirt or color to show spirit and pride for their grade.  

There will be time for sports and other school groups’ ‘honorable mentions’,  an announcement of Miss Rockland, as well as drama and band recognitions. Games are also planned for students to participate in during the rally. Some of the games include a backpack quest and two truths and one lie.

Cohort A, make sure to have your Chromebook with you, and Cohort B, the link will be sent through your school email, so be on the lookout for it.

There are varying opinions on the subject of having a virtual pep rally.

Of those interviewed most agreed that making the event virtual was justified, in order to keep students and others safe. Senior Alexis DeFranc explained why making the event virtual, while sad, was the best idea for the event. Saying that she thought it was justified, she responded, “Yes, because it will keep everyone safe and make sure nobody gets sick or be in close contact with those who may have the virus.”

Senior Billy Robinson thinks that the rally even though it is virtual is a great opportunity, considering the tremendous amount of stress taken out of a school day. In his words, “I think pep rallies are good because they are fun, and a good break from the stress of school, bringing the classes together.”

In the wake of the event going virtual, senior Lauren Draicchio also responded to the matter, and how others may feel about the idea. “I know some people may not be as excited about the idea of having a virtual pep rally; however, I believe to even be able to have the opportunity to come together in the slightest way is amazing. It may sway from what a typical pep rally would look like but it’s something to look forward to, and to me that’s exciting.”

Lauren concluded, “During times like these it’s important to stay positive and be grateful for what we can do and the memories we can make.”

With the upcoming February Vacation, it should also be a good way to get students excited about having a week off from school next week!

Here again is the link for the virtual rally.


Boys’ Basketball Team Down But Not Out

Derek Williams against Cohasset this year.

James Tsiantoulas, Veritas Sports Editor

Feb. 5, 2021

The varsity boys’ basketball team as of this past weekend has been shut down with six members of their team testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. The rest of the team, who have tested negative, are still responsibly quarantining as they wait to be cleared to get back out on the court. This is a huge blow for the team as practices and games have been suspended for two weeks. 

The boys’ team which began its season on Jan. 8 started out their year red hot, winning their first five games and looking like nothing could stop them.  But no one expected this shutdown to happen. These positive cases have no correlation to the JV boys team shutdown in January as the team was quarantined for the appropriate amount of time.

It is believed this was due to a player from an opposing varsity team testing positive after a game.  With this information all the players, coaches and staff were tested and are now quarantining for two weeks.

The team is  not allowed to practice until Feb. 11, and then they will have a South Shore League playoff game on either Sunday or Monday, Feb. 14 or 15.  In the playoffs the boys will be looking to secure another South Shore League title.

Despite this difficulty, this is a team of tough competitors, and they will not let adversity push them down. “The long break in our season is a little bit of a setback but it’s an obstacle we have to get over in order to win the league when we do get back,” said senior Joey Nguyen who has high hopes for the team once they are good to come back.

Principal Harrison in a letter to the community expressed his pride in the school’s handling of this situation, limiting the spread and not putting any other students in jeopardy.  He said, “Thanks to the hard work of our student-athletes, coaches, staff, and families, I do believe this outbreak involving the boy’s varsity basketball team has been contained.  I continue to remain confident in our protocols and believe our learning environment within our classrooms is safe.” 

Hopefully when the team is cleared for basketball activities once again, they won’t miss a beat and will get right to work. 

Winter Sports Update

Rockland’s Derek Williams against Cohasset. photo from Twitter

James Tsiantoulas, Sports Editor 

Winter sports are underway as of now and there have been some bright spots for the teams. Even though COVID is still around we have been slowly getting back to a sense of normalcy surrounding sports. Fans may not be allowed but the teams are learning to play their game without all of the noise. 

The boys varsity basketball team has come out to a hot start on the year, winning their first 4 games of the season, as they had just played Cohasset High School on January 20th. The team was set to start the year off against Cohasset, but COVID tracing at Cohasset High postponed the game and Middleborough was played instead. This did not affect the team as they managed to win their first game and used the momentum to carry them forward. The team was set to play Middleborough once again on Friday January 22nd, but due to close contact tracing in Middleborough High the game was postponed. This team is looking red hot and are willing to go toe to toe with anyone. 

They made it five wins on Jan. 27 with a 65-49 win against Mashpee at home.

In addition, the boys J.V. basketball team has not been able to get any action recently due to COVID. This will not deter them from their season however as they are competitors and are hungry to get back out on the court as soon as possible. 

The girls varsity basketball team played Cohasset on January 20th as well, winning their third game of the year. The team had lost their first game of the year to Norwell and stayed close the second meeting with them. They were hard fought games. The team managed to bounce back and win 2 straight, beating both Notre Dame Academy and East Bridgewater at home. Last Friday they lost to Middleboro to even out their record at 3 wins and 3 losses.

On Tuesday, January 26, the girls traveled to Mashpee and defeated them 43-32 to get their fourth win.  The JV girls also won, their first win of the year, at Mashpee.

The hockey team is also doing well with a record of 3-3-0.  Their game on Saturday night, Jan. 23 was a 3-0 win against Cardinal Spellman, their second win against the Cardinals.  

On Tuesday Jan. 27 the team had a rematch with Norwell and even though this was a home game the result was the same, their second loss to the Clippers.  That evened their record at 3 wins and 3 losses.

Although COVID has made this year somewhat difficult, it has not deterred the athletes whatsoever. The boys and girls teams are out to great starts and are looking to finish out their years even stronger.

Basketball home games can be seen on WRPS live and hockey at the Rockland link is on Facebook live. Away games are also available.  Check Twitter for streaming links and updated schedules.




Winter Sports Teams Start Their Seasons

January 12, 2021

updated January 13, 2021

The winter sports season finally got underway on Friday, Jan. 8 when the girls basketball team and the boys basketball team played their opening games.

The girls traveled to Norwell for their first contest. Norwell came away with the win as the young Rockland team struggled to score. After only being down by 2 points with 4 minutes left, Norwell went on to capitalize on Rockland’s turnovers and came away with a 47-34 victory. The Lady Dogs will look for revenge on Friday, Jan. 15 when Norwell will travel to Rockland.

Junior captain Julia Elie

Meanwhile the girls got their first win of the season on Monday night over Notre Dame Academy by a score of 50-34. Rockland was led by junior captain, Julia Elie who had 29 points and 13 rebounds. Elie had 21 of those 29 points in the second half as the Lady Dogs pulled away in a game in which they led by 3 at halftime. Emma Cameron, Maggie Elie, Charlie Kelliher, Carol Lage, Sydney Blaney and Maddie Hermaneau played well for the girls.

The girls had another home game against East Bridgewater on Tuesday, January 12. Led by Charlie Kelleher’s 4 3 pointers in the first half, the girls went on to defeat EB 44 to 27. Julia Elie led with 13 pts, followed by Kelleher’s 12.

Patrick Moriarty, Senior captain

The boys basketball team also opened up their season on January 8 beating Middleboro 49-39. Leading the way was senior Patrick Moriarty who had 18 points.

This article appeared in the Enterprise.

On Tuesday, January 12, the boys got their second SSL win defeating EB 48 to 34. Senior Derek Williams had 15 pts followed by Patrick Moriarty with 14 pts. Their next scheduled game will be Friday night at Norwell.

Dogs’ hockey team

The hockey team began their season on Sunday night at the Rockland Rink by defeating East Bridgewater 6-3. They were led by sophomore Joey Salamone’s 3 goals and 1 assist, and sophomore Logan Murphy’s 2 goals. Sophomore Sean Geary had 1 goal and 1 assist and senior Nick Blonde had 2 assists. Senior Thomas McSweeney had 15 saves for the Dogs.

Check this article about the team.


Games and schedules often change so go to Twitter or Facebook to see updates for the hockey team and for the basketball teams. Basketball home games will be live streamed on WRPS.  Links for away game live streams will be announced and usually published on Twitter as well.


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