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Girls’ Basketball Team Will Play At TD Garden on Weds. March 11

Captains Hannah Wyllie, Caroline Elie and Hannah Murphy with their So. Sectional Trophy on Friday night. Veritas photo

March 8, 2020

The girls basketball team, for only the second time in 20 years, will be playing in the Division 3 State Semifinals. The game will be on Weds. March 11 at TD Garden in Boston at 2 p.m.  Due to the timing, RHS Principal Dr. John Harrison has scheduled Wednesday to be an early release day at 12 p.m. so that students and staff can attend the game and support the girls.  Busses will be provided for all who wish to attend the game.  Principal Harrison said, “I feel this is a special moment for our school community.”

The girls advanced to the state semifinals by defeating Archbishop Williams on Friday night by a score of 53-37.  That game gave them the Division 3 So. Sectional title and a chance to continue to the State Tournament where they will face another private school, St. Mary’s of Lynn.   St. Mary’s played in the State Championship game last year.  They lost to the West Champ, Hoosac in that game.

Captains Caroline Elie, Hannah Murphy and Hannah Wyllie led the girls in the game Friday night as the team looked to avenge their loss to Archbishop Williams in the semifinals last year.  The team took care of business right away by going out to a 10-0 first quarter lead and continued to dominate the Bishops with suffocating defense and precision offense.

Coach Diana Newcomb said, “We followed the game plan exactly.”  Expect the team to be ready for another great game on Weds.

Information about busses will be available and the schedule for Weds. is below.  Go Dogs!!

Schedule for Early Release on Wednesday, 3/11- DAY 1 DROP F & G

8:00-8:41 A Block

8:44-9:25B Block

9:28-10:09 C Block

10:12-10:53E Block

Lunch and Class Time D Block

1st 10:56 – 11:16 Class 11:16-11:56

2nd 11:16 – 11:36 Class 10:56-11:16; Lunch; 11:36-11:56

3rd 11:36- 11:56 Class 10:56-11:36

**F will not meet!!

For students who have third lunch, they will be dismissed from the lunch room.

Photos from Friday night!

Bulldog fans were out in force Friday night in Taunton as the girls basketball team defeated Archbishop Williams 53-37 in the South Sectional Finals.

Valentine’s Day and Kindness Day at RHS

Feb. 14, 2020

Today is not only Valentine’s Day, it is also Kindness Day in the schools and in the Town of Rockland.

The Veritas asked a few people about Valentine’s Day to help celebrate and the Student Government Council posted notes to every student at RHS to BE KIND to all on #KindnessRockland2020.

So, pass on the love and the kindness today and everyday!!


High Honors Recipients Get Chipotle

Forty RHS students were recognized on Tuesday, Feb. 11 with a special luncheon, catered by Chipotle, in the media center. The luncheon was in recognition of the students’ achieving high honor grades in term 1, term 2 or in both terms.  Principal John Harrison and Asst. Principal Kathy Paulding as well as Guidance Coordinator, Margie Black, and the RHS Guidance Department were the hosts.

Mr. Harrison congratulated the students saying that being one of 40 students achieving high honors was a special accomplishment since they represented less than 10% of the student population of Rockland High School with an enrollment of 600.

Students received certificates after lunch!

The students included:

Terms 1 and 2: Melyssa Almedia, Monalisa Almeida, Jad Bendarawi, Sydney Blaney, Kathryn Buckley, Olivia Golemme, Patrick Hitchcock, Toni Hawe, Tyler Johnson, Matthew Medford,  Petr Quinn, Oliver Reera, Julia Yeadon,

Term 1: Stephanie Beatrice,  Riley Cadogan, Shane Daly, Julia DeLima, Robert Ivil III, Kayla Mantell, Tyler Gambon, Colin McKerrel,  Isabelle Polvere,  Emma Radzik, Nathaniel Rivas, Aaron Steeves, Troy Therrien,  Hannah Wyllie,

Term 2: Michael Caron II, Nicholas Cedrone, Esabella DeFillippo, Callie Gillan, Lara Glennon, Nicolle Ligia Gudiel Winter, Olivia Jones, Mary Kate Leoncavallo, Victoria Murray, Lina Nassif, Ngan Nguyen, Cullen Rogers, Emilie Scannell


Mrs. Ellis Says Goodbye to RHS

Principal’s Secretary Mrs. Ellis (standing) in the office on her retirement day at RHS with Principal John Harrison and Sue O’Brien.

Alana Miller, Veritas Staff

January 31, 2020

 All good things must come to an end and so on Friday, Jan. 31, Rockland High School had to say goodbye to Mrs. Jane Ellis who is retiring after 32 years as the principal’s secretary at RHS.

In those 32 years Mrs. Ellis has seen many classes come and go through Rockland High and she was responsible for coordinating each graduation and senior awards ceremony that took place each year. She was secretary for five principals: A. Scott MacKinlay, James Kerrigan, Steven Sangster, Dr. Alan Cron and the present principal, Dr. John Harrison. In the many years that she has been here Mrs. Ellis said that she “was very fortunate that she was able to work with all of the great principals because they were awesome to work with.”

Dr. Harrison who has been principal for four years said that she taught him “most of my position. She has also given me a wealth of information about everything such as this job, helping with tasks, and she does everything with a sense of humor and patience.”

Reflecting on her retirement, she said she is sad that she will be leaving people she spends every week day with, but she also has a good feeling about it, saying she will now be able to enjoy more free time and also cherish all of the memories that she made with her coworkers.

Mrs. Ellis also said she is going to miss “all of the activities that happened in and around the office” with all of her coworkers and the students. Also, she added that she will miss “telling kids what’s on the ‘yummy lunch menu’ every morning over the loudspeaker during announcements.”

Mrs. Susan O’Brien, secretary of the general office, will be taking over for Mrs. Ellis.

We wish Mrs. Ellis the best in her retirement and thank her for all she has done for RHS over the years.

For profiles of both Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. O’Brien check the February issue of the Veritas!




Mat Bruzzese Takes First Place in Poetry Out Loud

From left: Mat Bruzzese, Kathleen Nee, Emilly Costa and Anabelle MacDonald. Veritas photo

January 28, 2020

Senior Mat Bruzzese came in first last night in the annual Poetry Out Loud contest held  at Rockland High School. His first place award enables him to move on to the Poetry Out Loud regional competition in Yarmouth in March.

Bruzzese was one of four contestants in the poetry recitation event. Sophomore Kathleen Nee came in second while freshmen Anabelle MacDonald and Emilly Costa shared the third place prize.

English Department head, Carol Cahill hosted the event in the lecture hall and congratulated all the students for their poetry recitations.  Each student recited two poems, one in each round of competition.

Students choose their poems from a library provided by the National Poetry Out Loud organization. A list of the students’ poems is below.

The three judges of the contestants included Karen Bonn, Bill Boyer, and Danny Bolton.The judges evaluated each student’s performance on physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding and overall performance. Accuracy scorer was RHS English teacher, Kendra Donovan.

Congratulations to Mat and to all the contestants.


Kathleen Nee – “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and “Abandoned Farmhouse” by Ted Kooser

Annabelle MacDonald – “Broken Promises” by David Kirby and “I Remember, I Remember” by Thomas Hood

Emilly Costa – “I Am Offering this Poem” by Jimmy Santiago Baca and “I heard a fly buzz when I died” by Emily Dickinson

Mat Bruzzese – “The Days Gone By” by James Whitcomb Riley and “Sweet Tooth” by Russel Edson

Clubs at RHS…It’s Not Too Late to Join

January 21, 2020

In the December 2019 issue of the Veritas print edition, students in the Journalism class reported on many of the clubs available to RHS students.

Even though we are half-way through the year, it’s not too late to join a club and, in fact, now may be a great time to re-energize the clubs with new members. If interested, speak to one of the advisors.  You can find the advisors of the various clubs here.

Here are some profiles of the clubs available at RHS. Click on the headline to read the full story. These stories can also be found under our Clubs Menu.

Is Club Participation Essential  to Getting into a Good College?

by Emilly Goncalves Costa, Veritas Staff

In our school system we were brought up thinking that we need to be involved in clubs and extracurricular activities in order to get into a good college.

Douglas Christiansen, the Dean of Admissions at Vanderbilt University, stated in an interview with College Express that colleges are looking for well-rounded students. ”What is more critical to the application is not how many activities and clubs a student is in, but, rather, what the student does as a member of the clubs and activities….What we like to see is how a student has changed his or her corner of the world through their actions, and how a student has grown personally through his or her participation.”

Click here to read the full story.

Rubik’s Cubers Encourage Students to Join

Cailey Larouco, Veritas Staff

December 2019

Rubik’s Cubers created this mosaic of Principal Harrison a year ago.

Interested in developing problem solving skills, 3D visualization and math skills? Well, the Rubik’s Cube Club might be the club for you.

Advised by Angela Armstrong, the head of the science department, the Rubik’s Cube Club is all about speed solving, building mosaics, and teaching students how to solve a cube.

For more about the Rubik’s Cube club click here.


IMAGES Art and Literary Magazine Welcomes Students to Submit Work

Ava Stetson, Veritas Staff

On sale at the Arts Festival. Check out Images Magazine at

Here at Rockland high school there is a club called Images. This organization is run by Chad Bigsby and Chris Neal, who are English teachers here at Rockland High School. The Images club has been going on for quite some time. Mr. Bigsby and Mr. Neal are very proud to be the advisors of this club, and they enjoy teaching the students to express their artwork.

There are many reasons why Mr. Bigsby and Mr. Neal wanted to continue this club, but the main reason is so that they can “spotlight writers and artists here at Rockland High school.” Images is welcoming all students to express themselves. 

At Images they publish a monthly webzine and also an annual award-winning print publication. They also run an open mic poetry reading at the Arts Festival held in April. There are many students in this club, but there is always room for more. Even if it is halfway through the year and you just gained interest in art or writing, you could join at any point of the year. 

The images club meets on a Tuesday after school in Room 232. Some people even decide to submit their poetry and short stories to They could also submit photos and illustrations. 

Astronomy Club Reaching for the Stars

Bonnie Gasdia, Veritas Staff

In 2018, Rockland High welcomed another club to the school, the astronomy club. If you enjoy stargazing, or want to learn how to use a telescope, then the astronomy club may be a good fit for you.

The idea of the club started when science teacher, Robert Murphy received a $3,000 grant last spring from the Rockland Education Foundation to purchase a telescope and develop an astronomy program for Rockland students.

Mr. Murphy said, “Part of the proposal was to develop a club that would make the telescope available not only to high school students but to elementary and middle school students in Rockland and provide them with opportunities to stargaze and learn about the stars and planets.”

According to Mr. Murphy, the quality of the Orion Opticalis makes it powerful enough to see the craters on the Moon and the rings of Saturn. Soon enough the students will have an opportunity to stargaze.

For more on the Astronomy Club click here.




Poetry Out Loud Scheduled for Jan. 27

January 24, 2020

Six RHS students are preparing for the annual Poetry Out Loud competition to be held on Monday, Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. in the RHS lecture hall.

This year the six students will compete for the honor of representing Rockland in the Regional Competition to be held in March.

They include: Kathleen Nee, Mat Bruzzese, Abigail Procter, Annabelle MacDonald, Emilly Costa, and Abby Moran.  Each student will recite one poem in two separate rounds of competition.  

More than a competition, the night will feature the opportunity to listen to poetry dramatically presented.  Each student has chosen their two poems based on the Poetry Out Loud catalog.  One poem must be from pre-20th Century.

Come support this year’s six Poetry Bulldogs on Monday night in the lecture hall!

Below are photos from last year’s event.



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