2019 National Honor Society Ceremony

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


Another year, another Pentelic Chapter of the National Honor Society Induction. Last night’s induction consisted of 2 senior inductees, 20 junior inductees, 2 honorary inductees, and 16 departing senior members.

The night was kicked off by a dinner provided by the RHS cafeteria for the inductees, the members, and their sponsors. Here, 2018-2019 NHS President Sean Morrissey welcomed the guests and invited tables up to get their food. This was also where the members and inductees exchanged gifts with their sponsors thanking them for their company at this event.

Following, the group made its way to the auditorium where they were met by their friends and family who came to watch the ceremony take place. As tradition, the seniors made their way to their seats on stage while the juniors took their spots in front of the stage. Here, they recited their pledge to the National Honor Society.

To start the ceremony, Morrissey led in the Pledge of Allegiance and then welcomed, the members, inductees, sponsors, and families attending the ceremony. After that Vice President, Tyler Beatrice and Treasurer, Jasmin Morse read speeches and awarded this year’s two honorary inductees. Beatrice first awarded long time Bulldog fan and one of Rockland’s most familiar faces, James “Jimbo” Cahill. Following, Morse awarded long time school committee member and one of the town’s most known Rockland supporters, Richard “Dick” Phelps.

As the night proceeded, Morrissey acted as the host. Secretary, Marissa Smith then called the roll and announced the future plan of the senior members of the Pentelic Chapter. Next, the four NHS virtues were explained by members. Justin Sherlock spoke about character, Francisco Oliveira explained scholarship, Caitlin Cameron definedleadership, and John Ellard discussed service. At the end of each speech, a candle was lit to represent each of the virtues.

After that, Beatrice recited the Exemplification of the Torch speech that he had to memorize while holding a burning candle in hopes the melted candle wax didn’t fall onto his hand or wrist. Then, RHS Principal John Harrison presented the National Honor Society certificates to the graduating members. As the members receive their certificates, the formed a receiving line at the exit of the auditorium for guests and sponsors to walk through and congratulate the senior members and newly inducted members.

At the close of the event, guests, members, and sponsors were welcomed to congregate in the RHS cafeteria for desserts and beverages. All in all, the event was a huge success as always and was the start of a new year of the Pentelic Chapter of the National Honor Society.


New Inductees:


Alexis Nastasia

Giovan Soares


Melyssa Almeida

Stephanie Beatrice

Jad Bendarkawi

Matthew Bruzzese

Kathryn Buckley

Maria Ciano

Jessica DeMarco

Jillian Dorney

Caroline Elie

Tyler Gambon

Madeline Gear

Nicolle Guidel Winter

Tyler Johnson

Sabrina Morgan

Alyssa Patten

Oliver Reera

Zachary Webb

Hannah Wyllie

Julia Yeadon

Danting Zhu

Departing Senior Members:

President- Sean Morrissey

Vice President- Tyler Beatrice

Treasurer- Jasmin Morse

Secretary- Marissa Smith

Madison Blonde

Caitlin Cameron

Abigail Condon

John Ellard

Elizabeth Kelley

Rebecca Mullen

Francisco Oliveira

Michelle Ramoska

Justin Sherlock

Kara Sullivan

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