The Veritas is in need of more promotion in the school

Mike Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

There are a barrage of clubs offered at Rockland High School but one does not receive as much promotion as it should. That is the official school newspaper of Rockland High School called The Veritas.  

The School Newspaper staff works just as hard as any other club and they have deadlines to meet too.  That hard work goes unnoticed when the student body does not have the reminder to bring in the quarter to purchase our printed news. For only a quarter students can be in the know for what the current buzz is around school. That’s a very reasonable price to pay.  Students just never have that extra quarter.

It always comes as a surprise when the paper is being sold during all three lunches and during C block on what we call Paper Distribution day.  

As a member of the Veritas staff myself, I am disappointed in the lack of promotion that this paper receives.  I know this year has been a great year for sports thus far and that other clubs such as the environmental, math, drama, band, chorus,art, SGC and mock trial are putting in work too but the Veritas hasn’t even had one mention on the morning announcements. That makes me frustrated!  Our friends want to be able to support us and buy the paper but they never have the notice beforehand as to when the paper is being sold.

I  believe that if students get a heads up to when a broadcast is released on the school website (, to when there is a new poll to vote on,a new story only exclusive to the website or a notice to when the newspaper will be sold. It would make me and others on this staff feel like what we are doing is actually important. Remember Veritas means truth and I think the truth is good enough for any edition of the morning announcements.

The paper does not need to be featured on the morning announcements every day but every now and then would be a nice surprise.  

Another solution would be to hang up flyers around the school advertising the paper letting students know a short summary of why they should buy this edition days before its release.

What the Veritas staff has accomplished together as a unit cannot go unrecognized any longer.  There are some great future journalistic minds in this class and just because we are not athletes or mathletes does not mean we are irrelevant.  

I only say this because I feel like the students that I try to entice to buy the paper didn’t even know this school had a paper in the first place. It is very discouraging to hear.  We provide all the up to date info on Rockland High sports teams, clubs, movie and music reviews as well as how Boston’s pro teams are doing. In addition to that any upcoming fundraisers and actual real news stories such as climate change along with the dangers of hoverboards.  It is a great read for anybody for the meager price of 25 cents.

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