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Danielle Hill progresses to state finals in Poetry Out Loud competition

March 3, 2014

RHS junior Danielle Hill was named one of the top six participants in Poetry Out Loud’s Cape Cod regional semi-finals on Sunday, March 2nd. The competition was held at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth and lasted approximately four hours. Hill performed two poems, The Enigma by Anne Stevenson and Happiness by Paisley Rekdal.

Hill will now move on to the state competition next Sunday, the 9th, at which she will perform the same two poems in hopes of making it to the national level in Washington DC as the sole representative of Massachusetts.

Graduate Christopher Carchedi made it to the state finals last year as well, but was unsuccessful in making it further.

RHS students and faculty, especially those in the English department, are both proud to be represented by Hill and impressed with her progress in the competition.

Hill reciting one of her poems at the regional competition

Hill reciting one of her poems at the regional competition

English teacher Ms. Amy Woodward with Danielle Hill and her mother

English teacher Ms. Amy Woodward with Danielle Hill and her mother

A photo gallery of the RHS Poetry Out Loud contest held on January 29 can be found here.

Swim team ends season with success

The RHS swim team swam at Randolph High School yesterday in their final meet of the season. The girls were successful, beating Randolph with a score of 83 to 50, and the boys were defeated 86 to 40. This victory marked the first win for the team this season.

There were a significant number of best times at the meet, particularly those achieved by junior Taylor Reis and senior Kylie Langhoff, who each shaved approximately thirty seconds off their times for the 500 freestyle.

RHS senior swimmer Kayla Frazer photo courtesy of Mrs. Patton

RHS senior Lily Margolis competes against a Silver Lake swimmer. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Patton

The team will continue their practices at the YMCA in Hanover well into February in hopes of improving despite an end to their competition schedule. Practices will conclude after their annual “Bring a Friend to Swim Night” on Tuesday, February 4th, in which swimmers bring interested peers in hopes of sparking increased interest for the sport.

Prom season preparations: How early is too early?

Prom is an event RHS seniors, juniors, and even a select few underclassmen look forward to all year. With junior prom almost four months away and senior prom two weeks after, you’d think there was still a month or so before students began preparing but low and behold, this week sparked the beginning of prom season.

The photos popping up on everyone’s timeline of beautiful dresses can make any prom-going girl feel anxious and rushed, but who has the real advantage here? Sure, their dresses are beautiful and there’s no doubt a huge weight fell off their back when they hung them in their closet, but taking additional time to find the right dress for you is nothing to be ashamed of. Think of it this way, the more you look, the greater chance you have of finding a great deal because let’s face it, you’re more likely to spend a fortune on an impulse buy than when you explore your options.

Although you have time, don’t think there’s no reason to prepare early for prom. Hair and makeup appointments become scarce at local salons, tanning beds become completely booked, and alterations for prom dresses can take a while. My advice? Follow this timeline for prom and you’ll be set for the big event.

Spend February and March searching for the perfect dress. You should find one you love by April. Then, spend April booking appointments and getting a tanning package — these usually last one month so get it one month before the big date. Get everything booked by May. Believe me, once spring comes the last thing you’ll want to do is stress.

Advice to seniors about FAFSA Night

FAFSA Night for parents is tonight from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the library’s media center. The RHS Guidance Department will assist families in beginning the financial aid process for seniors applying to colleges with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

For parents and students that are completely new to this application (and even for some who have completed it before but may be a little rusty), there is information seniors should give their parents before they leave for this evening’s festivities. For instance, if you have your own savings or checking account, let your parents know how much money you currently have in the bank. Another necessary number your parents may not know is your income. This information is really up to students to find out so scavenge your room for your most recent pay stub to give to your parent for tonight. Believe me, filling out a FAFSA can be extremely stressful for parents and they’d definitely appreciate having a leg-up tonight at the meeting.

My last piece of advice: get your FAFSA in to colleges as soon as possible. The sooner they receive it, the sooner they can award you grants and loans. Remember that the first students to get financial aid are usually the ones who get the most.

RHS Travel Club hosting Chipotle Night

Everyone knows Chipotle is a favorite of Rockland High students and staff and the RHS Travel Club has come up with a fundraiser that gives everyone a reason to go. Clubs and sports teams, hungry students, and faculty rejoice about this excuse to “plow fat burritos” Tuesday, January 21st, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Chipotle at Derby Street Shoppes.  Fifty percent of the earnings from those who mention this fundraiser will go toward the club’s upcoming trip to Italy and Greece in April of 2015. See you there, RHS.chipotle

Shakespeare Festival Begins Tonight

photo by Jace Williams

Henry V: Pearse McNally plays King Henry and Lisa Howes plays Sir Thomas Erpingham. photo by Jace Williams

photo by Georgia Panagiotidis

Leshon Crawford as Lysander and Lilly Margolis as Helena in a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. photo by Georgia Panagiotidis

photo by Jace Williams

Brian Leonard as Le Beau in a scene from As You Like It. photo by Jace Williams

Today is the day.

For months, students and faculty have been rehearsing lines of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and tonight the show will go on. Make sure you attend this once-in-a-high-school experience at either tonight’s performance, accompanied by light refreshments, or tomorrow night’s at the “Medieval Banquet.” Tickets will sell for seven dollars at the door tonight and fifteen tomorrow although you can purchase tickets at a reduced price from English Teacher and organizer of these festivities, Ms. Amy Woodward or at in advance.

What’s a Turkey Trot?

Formerly known as the Turkey Run, the annual food drive at RHS is returning as the Turkey Trot! In honor of the approaching Thanksgiving, students can bring non perishable foods to the cafeteria starting Wednesday, November 6th to be donated to Rockland Food Pantry. The collection will last until November 22nd and the class who has brings in the most goods will be awarded a pizza party at their designated class meeting. 

Additional information provided in the upcoming issue of The Veritas distributed next week

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