Spirit Week will continue on Jan. 4 for Cohort B

Spirit Week for Cohort B will be this coming week: Jan. 4-8.

Greta Willis, Veritas Staff

Spirit Week is one of the many fun traditions students look forward to each year. But, as the already complicated school year continued in December, it fell under the “postponed” category. 

Originally,  this event was supposed to be split into two separate weeks for each cohort. Cohort A’s Spirit Week was able to happen last week.  Unfortunately for Cohort B, their week was the same week the high school had to switch back to full remote.

Now that the school has announced going back to hybrid mode, Cohort B will be back in school on Jan. 4 and will be able to participate in Spirit Week in the coming week.

Miku Yoshioka, a senior and member of SGC, shared her experience in bringing Spirit Week to life during this unprecedented time.

“Just like any other year, Spirit Week has always been hectic, from what days we wanted, to the participation of our student body.”

She added, “This year it was hard, due to the council having to be flexible with the pandemic. We made it so both cohorts are able to show their school spirit.”

Freshman Joey Gallagher commented on the freshmen class’ first high school experience. “I liked the groutfit day because it was nice to wear something comfortable. In the future I would like to see a sports or jersey day.”

Seniors from left to right: Gianna Gervasi, Meghan Hoblitzelle, Jaelyn Glavin, and Katelyn Fitzgerald showed their class colors during Cohort A’s Spirit Week. photo by Lauren Draicchio

Despite the setbacks, junior Gabriella Gambon was excited to show her spirit amidst the chaos. “I overall liked the Spirit Week days this year even though I didn’t participate in all of them. I feel that a lot of people enjoyed comfy day including myself. My favorite day of the week had to definitely be decades day. I don’t think a lot of people participated, but I personally liked it.”

She also said, “Character day was my least favorite day because I just didn’t want to dress up as a character. That’s just not my thing. I really wanted to do camouflage day, but sadly I don’t own any camouflage patterned clothing.” 

She concluded, “Class color day is always a classic and I love to see everyone with their class shirts, having school spirit!”

It has been difficult when every day is almost unpredictable, but the students at RHS have been working hard while maintaining a positive attitude through it all. 

Below are some photos courtesy of Lauren Draicchio and Twitter photos from Cohort A.

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