Fall Sports Teams Wrap Up Their Seasons

Nov. 25, 2020

James Tsiantoulas, Veritas Staff

With the fall sports season officially all wrapped up, we take a look back at all of the teams who gave it their all this year

The 2020 Girls Soccer Team

Girls soccer led by captains Kendra Peretzman, Chloe Jones, Allison Trainque, and Hannah Rich had a great year. They finished their season with two crushing losses to Middleborough in the tournament but that does not affect their heart and drive.

Peretzman commented on the team. “The team struggled a bit since we had our first tournament game right after the two week quarantine which meant we went in with having not played as a team for two weeks. This definitely showed in the first game. However, we played the same team in our second game and greatly improved. We went from a 5-0 loss to a 1-0 loss.”

The seniors leaving the program are Mckenzie Tsiantoulas, Hannah Rich, Hannah Makarski, Chloe Jones, Devin Cavicchi, Allison Trainque, and Greta Russo and Kendra herself.

Boys soccer led by their captains Nick Blonde and Andrew Norton had a great year as well. They finished their season after losing in the SSL championship with their heads held high.

Norton had some high praise for his team. “I thought that this was a great team this year, out of my four years playing for Coach Kimball it was one of the best teams. Absolutely I wish we could get a season redo, it would have been nice having a full season.”

The team finished their year on an incredibly high note and look to repeat their success next year. The seniors leaving the program are Nick Blonde, Andrew Norton, Daniel Donahue, Fernando Alexander, Renan Souza, and Yggor Batista. 

Boys Cross Country Seniors

In addition, the boys and girls cross country teams finished out their season with a few more meets. Captains Arthur Norton, Jimmy DiCarli, and Billy Robinson finished out their season with three wins.

Norton had some words about his team’s season. “We got 4th in our all league meet and ended up beating Abington in our final meet.” They looked to notch another win during the season but that was cut short for them.

Girls Cross Country team

Also, the girls cross country team led by captains Sarah Gormley and Maggie Flaherty finished the season with four wins. They had a fantastic season and look to improve next year. The seniors leaving the program are Arthur Norton, Jared Allen, Damon Welles, Jimmy DiCarli, Billy Robinson, Robert Ivil, Nick Earner, Zach Solomon, and Sarah Gormley.

Finally, golf had wrapped their season up during those sudden two weeks of in person stoppage in the school. The team did not participate in the SSL tournament, but the seniors gave it their all during the season. The team led by athletes from every grade finished with two wins on the year. The seniors leaving the program are Cullen Rogers, Joey Nguyen, Hunter Wardwell, Ryan Dobay, Anthony Morreale, Emily Marquis, Zach Phripp, and myself.

With the teams participating in these tournaments and extended seasons, it really shows that sports right now are in good hands. Check back for news about the upcoming winter season which is now scheduled to begin on Dec. 14.

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