Student Government’s New Big 5!

Emily Gaboriault (Queen of Hearts) and Miku Yoshioka at Project Pumpkin last year. They will lead SGC this year as two leaders of the Big 5. Veritas file photo

On Wednesday September 30th, the RHS Student Government Council elected their new Big 5!

President: Senior, Miku Yoshioka

Vice President: Senior, Emily Gaboriault

Secretary: Junior, Gabriella Gambon

Treasurer: Junior, Maddie Smith

Publicity coordinator: Junior, Carolayne Lage

Treasurer, Maddie Smith says, “It’s nice to be one of the leaders of STUCO now. I can have more of a say in the events and can help to make the school an even better place!”

Vice President, Emily Gaboriault says,”This has been a goal of mine since freshman year and to finally be able to say I am on Big 5 is a dream come true!”

Student government advisor, Mrs. Bartoloni, states, “This year’s elected board members and Big Five are all very driven young ladies who are looking to find creative ways to make this untraditional year the best one yet.”

These Bigs 5 ladies plan to lead student government during these difficult times to ensure that this year is full of fun, safe, and inclusive activities the whole school and community can enjoy.



About Emily Gaboriault

A Senior at RHS and CO-cheif editor for the veritas

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