Senior Parade Scheduled for May 27

Dear Rockland Community,

The administration was approached over the weekend by members of the senior class about having a senior car parade to each of the schools within the district. After speaking with the senior class officers and the Rockland Police Department, we are planning to support a Car Parade on Wednesday, May 27th starting at 2 PM.

Seniors will have the opportunity to decorate their cars, beep their horns, and be loud as they go by each one of the schools in the district. Only one senior is allowed per car in keeping with social distancing expectations. If a senior does not have a license or car, the senior’s parent/guardian is encouraged to drive in the car with the student. Seniors must drive responsibly, adhering to the speed limits, leaving appropriate space in between each car, and remaining inside the car at all times.

On Wednesday, May 27th the senior class will meet in the Veterans Memorial Stadium parking lot at 1:45 PM. The students will form a line (escorted by the Rockland Police Department) and they will follow a set route. The parade will begin promptly at 2 PM.

The students will go from the Veterans Memorial Parking lot down Brian Duffy Way to Memorial Park School, around the circle, and back up Taunton Ave to Union Street.
The parade will then go down Union Street to Crescent Street. They will take a left on Crescent Street and head toward George Street. They will take a right onto George Street and go by Jefferson School.
The students will then take a left onto Market Street and take a right onto Levin Road. They will drive down Levin Road into the entrance of Esten School.
The students will drive around the circle at Esten and then students will return to the Veteran Memorial Stadium parking lot by taking a left onto Summer Street and going up Concord Street, taking a left on Market Street, and then a right onto Union Street. The parade will go down Taunton Ave and end at the stadium parking lot.

We would like to invite the Rockland community to get out and show these seniors some love. If you are available to stand along the route with supportive signs and/ or decorations and cheer on the senior class of 2020 it would be greatly appreciated.


Officer Ethan Schnabel
School Resource Officer

Kristen Walsh
Senior Class Advisor

Kathleen Paulding
RHS Assistant Principal

John Harrison

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