High Honors Recipients Get Chipotle

Forty RHS students were recognized on Tuesday, Feb. 11 with a special luncheon, catered by Chipotle, in the media center. The luncheon was in recognition of the students’ achieving high honor grades in term 1, term 2 or in both terms.  Principal John Harrison and Asst. Principal Kathy Paulding as well as Guidance Coordinator, Margie Black, and the RHS Guidance Department were the hosts.

Mr. Harrison congratulated the students saying that being one of 40 students achieving high honors was a special accomplishment since they represented less than 10% of the student population of Rockland High School with an enrollment of 600.

Students received certificates after lunch!

The students included:

Terms 1 and 2: Melyssa Almedia, Monalisa Almeida, Jad Bendarawi, Sydney Blaney, Kathryn Buckley, Olivia Golemme, Patrick Hitchcock, Toni Hawe, Tyler Johnson, Matthew Medford,  Petr Quinn, Oliver Reera, Julia Yeadon,

Term 1: Stephanie Beatrice,  Riley Cadogan, Shane Daly, Julia DeLima, Robert Ivil III, Kayla Mantell, Tyler Gambon, Colin McKerrel,  Isabelle Polvere,  Emma Radzik, Nathaniel Rivas, Aaron Steeves, Troy Therrien,  Hannah Wyllie,

Term 2: Michael Caron II, Nicholas Cedrone, Esabella DeFillippo, Callie Gillan, Lara Glennon, Nicolle Ligia Gudiel Winter, Olivia Jones, Mary Kate Leoncavallo, Victoria Murray, Lina Nassif, Ngan Nguyen, Cullen Rogers, Emilie Scannell


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