Arts Festival Comes Back Strong

May 7, 2019

The annual Arts Festival of the Rockland Public Schools was held on Wednesday and Thursday nights last week, May 1 and 2.  With lots of displays and activities going on in the gym, the auditorium, the library and on Main St. visitors had a variety of visual and auditory creations to catch their interest. In all, the creativity of all the school children was on display and showed once again the diversity of experiences the schools have to offer in the arts and technical areas to the children of Rockland.

Below are photos that give a sampling of the activities and artwork on display.

In all, each of Rockland’s elementary schools and the middle school along with many of the high school’s disciplines, including music, family and consumer science, wood shop, science and robotics, English, tech ed, digital media, and of course, art showed off their students’ work.

RPS Art Director Cheryl Thompson summed up this year’s event thanking all those who were involved. “The displays looked great and all of the activities ran very smoothly. Thanks again for all of your hard work and continued dedication to the Arts Festival!  I look forward to #ThisIsHowWeArtsFestival2020!”

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