Nets for Nets Coming on March 19

Caroline Elie, Mr. Doyle and Zach Sharland won the tournament last year.

The Rockland High School Student Government Council will once again be hosting the Nets for Nets tournament.  This year the tournament will be on Tuesday, March 19. The tournament is a popular one that started in 2016.

Nets for Nets is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament comprised of teams made up of teachers and students.  Each team is required to have at least one female player AND one faculty or staff member (a female teacher counts as both).

Last year’s championship team was made up of physical education teacher, Mike Doyle, Zach Sharland and Caroline Elie.  Mr. Doyle and Caroline have won two championships now, the first in 2017 with Andrew Starkey. With Zach’s graduation, Mr. Doyle said, “We picked up Aneurise (Reese) Quezada to replace Zach.  Caroline and I will be going for 3 in a row.”

Sign-ups are being held now.  To sign up you need to get a sheet from Ms. White’s room (205), and sign up your team.

The money raised is donated to Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides bed nets for families in Africa.  The nets keep out mosquitoes that transmit malaria in warm climates. According to the group, every two minutes somewhere in the world, a child dies from malaria. For more about the organization and what they do, go here.

Hurry and sign up to help this worthy cause and have fun at the same time. Slots are filling up fast!

Brian Smith, Aiden Glennon and Danielle O’Brien in last year’s Nets for Nets tournament. Veritas file photo



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