Students Achieve High Honors for Terms 1 and 2

Principal Harrison and Asst. Principal Paulding hand out certificates at the luncheon on Tuesday, Feb. 12 for those students who achieved High Honors during the first or second or both terms this year.

Students were treated to a special luncheon on Tuesday, Feb. 12 right before their early release due to the impending snow storm.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved high honors for one or both terms so far this year.  Achieving high honors means that students have gotten grades of 90 or better in all of their academic classes.

Terms 1 and  2

Kathryn Buckley

John Ellard

Kevin Matos

Ngan Nguyen

Cullen Rogers

Julia Yeadon

Term 1

Jared Allen

Monalisa Almeida

Taylor Anzivino

Jad Bendarkawi

Isabella Burns

Kerin Dalton

Tyler Gambon

Callie Gillan

Lara Glennon

Frank Hawe

Olivia Jones

Sarah MacDonald

Alyssa Patten

Ramzey Youssef

Term 2

Brett Armstrong

Kaileigh Fulton

Olivia Golemme

Robert Ivill III

Tyler Johnson

Russell Jones

Leah Leonard

Shannon Murphy

Michelle Ramoska

Madison Smith

Hannah Wyllie

Congratulations Bulldog Scholars!!


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