Credit for Life Fair Held on Nov. 7

Sophomores make the rounds of booths in the gym on Weds. Nov. 7 at the second annual Credit for Life Fair. From left are: Ryan Hindy, Zack Phripp, Nick Blonde, Patrick Moriarty and Zack Ofurum. photo by Arianna Esposito

Veritas Staff


The sophomore Class of 2021 attended a Credit For Life Fair on Wednesday, Nov. 7.  This is the second year that Rockland High School’s guidance department has organized the fair with the help of many community organizations and businesses who volunteered their time.

Credit For Life is designed to teach students about finances and important skills regarding money management that they can use when they are adults. 

Before the fair began, students logged in to their naviance account and after taking a survey they received a list of occupations that best fit their interests. They then picked from their lists, and were given a salary, a budget, and a credit score.

The Credit for Life Fair is an interactive, realistic, and interesting way to help RHS’ students learn about their futures, and the financial decisions they will need to make. 

On Wednesday from 9-11 a.m. students walked around the gym to different booths and tables, where they kept track of their money and learned important financial lessons. Working within a budget based on their monthly “income,” students visited booths such as “Insurance,” “Transportation,” “Savings and Retirement,” “Career Counseling” and “Luxuries” over a 2 hour period.

They also went through scenarios like buying an apartment or a house, buying their first car, and paying insurance and monthly bills. They also have to deal with the cost of accidents, like being in a car collision, or needing repairs on their house or car. 

During and at the conclusion of the Fair students also were required to visit the Reality Check Booth where they checked whether they are living within their budget.  By the end of Credit For Life, students hopefully know a lot more about money than they previously did.

Mrs. Margaret Black, Guidance Department Head, said that she was pleased at how the fair went.  She also referenced a few of the “post-fair” survey responses that sophomores took.

“What was the best thing you learned about managing money?:  the difference between buying what I want instead of need.”

“The most challenging thing about the fair?:  staying in budget.”

About your spending plan, what surprised you the most?: how much money came out for taxes.

Students also gave suggestions for how the fair can be improved. Mrs. Black said, “We value their input and will use it to help us going forward.”


Photos below were taken by Veritas photographers, Arianna Esposito and Danting Zhu

Click here to see the video produced by the Veritas Staff


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