Can’t Beat the Rockland Summer Heat

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


first week of school temperatures

Rockland’s forecast for this past week from temperature lows from the 70s to highs reaching the high 90s, not including the effects of humidity.

The start of school usually entails the start of autumn, but not in our case this year. From highs in the 90s and humidity making it feel well into the 100s, this has sure been a hot one here this first week back at RHS!

All across Massachusetts schools have been dismissing students due to this miserable heat and many students and staff argue we should have done the same here. English teacher, Christopher Neal and Spanish teacher Melissa Shaughnessy were two of many teachers in the building who had to relocate their classes due to the extreme heat in their classrooms.

Along with the extreme heat, Rockland also found West Nile Virus carried by the mosquitos infesting Rockland.  From the fear of both West Nile and the heat, many of the sports practices have been changed due to these factors.

Hopefully, the upcoming long weekend will bring more seasonal weather for more comfortable classroom temperatures and better learning! Enjoy the long weekend!

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