Freshmen Attend Bay Colony Shakespeare Company Performance of Romeo and Juliet

April 27, 2018

Juliet discovers Romeo’s body.

The Bay Colony Shakespeare Company performed Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for 9th grade students at Rockland High School on Friday, April 27. The performance was funded with a grant from the Rockland Education Foundation.

Carol Cahill, English Department Director, arranged the performance for all ninth grade students to attend. Freshmen have read or will readRomeo and Juliet this year in their English classes. Ms. Cahill said, “It was an awesome way to expose students to a theatrical performance, and to let them see Romeo and Juliet on stage, rather than solely reading it in class.”

The BCSC’s performance used a more modern, 1970’s setting to portray the story of the star-crossed lovers.  The actors stayed after the performance for a question and answer period with students, led by director, Eric Joseph.

The Bay Colony Shakespeare Company is based in Marshfield, MA. and is an award winning theater company that specializes in bringing professional Shakespearean performances to local schools through its Performance in Education Program (P.I.E.).

Students said they enjoyed the modern adaptation which included portraying the Nurse as closer to Juliet’s age.  They also said that the actors made everything easy to follow and understand even though they used Shakespeare’s difficult language.

The performance, originally scheduled in March, had been postponed because of one of the three March snowstorms that cancelled school.

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