RHS Trains Students With ALICE

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor


In response to national school shootings that are occurring shockingly frequently, RHS participated in a school-wide ALICE training and drill this week in order to prepare students for a worst case scenario.

ALICE training empowers students to barricade the classroom or flee, if possible, in case of a school shooter situation. On Tuesday, students were informed and shown videos of  drills and procedures on how to best handle the situation.

Today, students participated in two drills with a “shooter”  in two different locations to make students aware of their best options, given the classroom they were in at the time, and to show students and staff what to do in the scenarios.

The drills went smoothly and as expected. Students and staff were able to exit the building if the situation called for it, and properly barricaded their classroom if that were the step that was decided to be necessary.

This past summer, RHS faculty were trained and participated in drills in order to properly instruct students on how to go through ALICE procedures,

By doing so, RHS administration and staff hope to make the school a safer, and students more aware and prepared in case of an emergency.


A: Alert authority and peers

L: Lock down and barricade classrooms

C: Counter shooter

E: Evacuate if safe and possible

Follow this link to see the training video shown to RHS students on Tuesday.

Follow this link to read Matt Dalton’s article on the topic of School Safety that appeared in the April 12 issue of the Veritas.

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