This May Be the Year for Boys’ Lacrosse Team

Coach Dave Taylor and players, Evan Gormley (24) and Matty O’Brien (14) discuss strategy at half-time of the Pembroke game. They won 12-9. Veritas Photo

Julian Tarpey, Veritas Staff

As the final season of sports for the year at RHS begins, the boys lacrosse team is looking stronger than ever.

Although the team consists of only three seniors, the talent and depth is still there. The team is led by juniors Matt McGaffigan, Matty O’Brien, and Joe Campanile.

“It’s their first time being captains. and they’re still getting used to it,” said junior Kevin Fennell.

He believes the team will have a great season and has gotten better.

“I think we have more skill this year and more experienced players. Last year we had some guys who had only played one or two years. We also have a lot more players [in general] this season.”

The team also has high hopes and believes they can do better than last year. Senior Mohammed Youssef explained, “I think the team will have its best varsity season so far. Talent wise this is the strongest team I’ve been a part of. I think this will be the first Rockland lacrosse team that will qualify for a tournament berth.”

However, in order to make a run during the season, the Bulldogs will look to their coach, Dave Taylor, to guide them.

“I’ve played for Coach Taylor since I was in middle school and there’s never a dull moment with him. He is a great coach to play for, and he motivates us to win everyday,” explained Fennell.

Coach Taylor also is in charge of the youth teams, so almost all of the players coming up have played for him in the past.

Freshman Owen Shea also weighed in on how he felt about playing for Coach Taylor now in high school. “It’s great playing for Dave. He is a great coach that understands his players’ personalities, and knows how to physically and mentally push these athletes so they can be successful.”

Although the team may look good on paper, Fennell believes some things need to improve. “The team needs to focus on helping each other  out more. In our first scrimmage there was a lot of barking at each other.”

With a sport like lacrosse which is very fast-paced with hard contact on nearly every play, tempers can flare.

If the team is able to focus on working together and working hard, they could turn a lot of heads in the league this year.

The team won their first game at Pembroke on Monday, 12-9.  Their next game is on April 10 at home vs. Norton.


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