RHS Shakespeare Festival was a Success!

Sophie McLellan, Co-Editor-in-Chief


The RHS Shakespeare Festival took place March 24th and 25th in the cafeteria, and was a complete and total success. Several groups of students came together, under the individual direction of each of the English department’s teachers, and gave the audience a night filled with wonderful performances of Shakespeare’s works.  

With classics like Romeo and Juliet, the cast portrayed a beautiful story of love and rivalry while the ensemble of Hamlet depicted the tale of a man gone mad. The cast of Macbeth brought forward a story of murder and madness, while the actors of A Midsummer Night’s Dream had the entire audience rolling in the aisles. From the talented actors to the brilliant sonneteers, the entire night was filled with beautiful words and exciting stories. With the roles of the King and Queen played by Mr. Graziano and Mrs. Patton and humorous anecdotes provided by the jester, Mr. Finn, the night was filled with joy and a delicious stew made by the King himself.

Everyone was pleased with how the night went and many left with a new love of Shakespeare.

“I have a newfound appreciation for Shakespeare,” says senior Shandi Austin, who played the role of Macbeth, ”I never thought I’d ever be in any play done by Shakespeare, and I’m so glad I decided to audition.”

The entire Shakespeare Festival was co-ordinated by Ms. Walsh, and the English Department, and  was funded in part by the Rockland/Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Link to pictures from each performance.

Link to cast and group photos.


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