Successful Season for RHS Mock Trial Team

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor



Back, left to right: Doug Reardon, Emily Delaney, Jeffre Donahue, Jasmin Morse, Elizabeth Kelley, Leo Field. Front, left to right: Corey MacDonald, Harry Hunter, Abigail Condon, Caitlin Cameron, Jad Bendarkawi.

For months now the Rockland High School Mock Trial teams have been preparing their arguments, studying their affidavits, and running numerous rehearsals of the case in preparation for their meets in January and February.

The team is coached by history teachers Randall Grimmett and Gregory Rowe.

The prosecution team included attorneys seniors Emily Delaney, Leo Field,  Doug Reardon, junior Harry Hunter, and sophomores Elizabeth Kelley and Jasmin Morse. The prosecution witnesses included sophomores Abby Condon, Caitlin Cameron, and senior Jeffre Donahue.

The prosecution had two meets in the season. The first was against Whitman Hanson where Rockland was able to pull off their first win of the season on January 25. Their next meet was on January 31 against Thayer where they put in quite the fight, but in the end lost.

On the other side, the defense team went against Braintree on February 8. The defense included sophomore John Ellard as the defendant. Attorneys included seniors Emily Delaney, Doug Reardon, and Leo Field, junior Harry Hunter, and sophomore, Jasmin Morse. Witnesses were senior Corey MacDonald, and freshman Jad Bendarkawi. In the end, the defendant was found guilty, although Rockland won in  points scoring.

Overall, RHS Mock Trial had a successful season after putting in much hard work and effort. This year, Mock Trial will be losing seniors Emily Delaney, Leo Field, Corey MacDonald, Harry Hunter, Jeffre Donahue, and Doug Donahue who will all be leaving the team on a high note.


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