Alumni Visit RHS To Give Advice To Senior Class


Alumni visited RHS on Thursday, Dec. 22

John MacDonald, Veritas Staff

The fall has come and gone, Christmas vacation is here, and soon it will be 2017.

This means the seniors are coming closer and closer to graduating. The nerves are high all around the school as seniors are deciding which college they might want to attend.

Thankfully, on Thursday, Dec. 22 close to 30 Rockland alumni were generous enough to come back and give advice to students about college. English teacher Kristen Walsh and guidance director Margie Black organized an assembly in the lecture hall where seniors got the chance to ask all the questions that are bothering and scaring them about college.

The 12 alumni on the panel were very patient and serious with the seniors, giving them great advice that they can take with them to benefit them in the future. This was truly a great experience and hopefully the seniors next year will get the same benefits that this assembly gave to this year’s seniors.

The alumni panel in the lecture hall answered questions about their college experiences.

The alumni panel in the lecture hall answered questions about their college experiences.


The 12 panelists included:

Class of 2015

Kallie Morss -UNH, Danielle Hill -Mass College of Art, Molly McDonough – Plymouth State, Richie Walls – US Marine Corps.

Class of 2016

Mark Ewell – Winthrop University, AJ Clark – Massasoit,  Caroline Kilduff – Curry College, Owen Mahoney – UMasss Boston, Joe Kimball – Bridgewater State, Matt Kirslis – Rhode Island College, Haley Macray – Bentley, Lexie Carchedi – Elon



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