2016 Pizza Palooza


Yesterday, on November 9, the day after the Presidential Election, another important election took place in Rogers Middle School gym. Rockland citizens young and old gathered together to vote on the best pizza place in Rockland. The People’s Choice was Player’s Sports Bar and Grille of Rockland, Kids’ Choice went to Domino’s, and lastly the Judges’ Choice, done by a blind taste test, went to Yianni’s.

This event was sponsored by the Rockland Chamber of Commerce and families could get in for $20 and individuals for $10. All proceeds went to One Rockland, the fundraising group for all activities and sports in Rockland.  Mrs. Carla Dunn, head of OneRockland said, “We made over $2,400 and I would say over 200 people came.  I thought it went very well.  Lots of families and everyone that left said they were looking forward to it again next year.” 

The pizzas were  judged on the texture of the crusts, amount of sauce and cheese, the appearance of the pizza, and most importantly, the taste. Pizza shops that were involved include:

Dina’s Pizza


Mike’s Pizza

Themis Pizza

Player’s Sports Bar and Grille

Yianni’s Pizza

Rockland Bar and Grille

CeCe’s Pizza and Catering

Click on the photos below to see all the mouth-watering food and fun in photos by Veritas photographer, Austin Woods.


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