SGC Has First Meeting

The leaders of SGC posed for a picture after being elected last spring.

The leaders of SGC posed for a picture after being elected last spring.

Jasmin Morse, Veritas Web Editor

As the school year kicks off, one of RHS’s most influential clubs, Student Government Council, got off to a great start at its first meeting which was held last Wednesday. With the new year comes new leaders, and this year’s SGC has new advisors: Ms. Amanda Lanigan and Ms. Joanne White, as well as the new ringleader of it all, President Noelle Atkins.

Atkins says she was pleased with the meeting. “[the first meeting] went better than expected. Honestly, I didn’t think a lot of people would show.” She said there was a pleasantly unexpected large turnout for the new faces of the freshman class. Ms. White also mentioned that she and Ms. Lanigan were impressed with the organizational skill of the Big Five- which aside from Noelle consists of Shannon Lindahl as VP, Taylor Gallagher as secretary, Julia DiCienzo working as treasurer, and Adam Royle, as publicity coordinator.

Some of the major events that took place at this meeting were class and committee meetings. Sophomore meeting attendee, Justin Sherlock said, “At the meeting we got a lot accomplished. The sophomore class finalized our class tee shirt design and solidified our class fundraiser.”

Later he explained what occurred at his Spirit Committee meeting which is led by senior Sydney Wells. “Being in Spirit Committee, we worked on ideas for Spirit Week and Pep Rally.” Both of these major school events are soon approaching.

The advisors and the club’s president left me with some final words of advice for the students looking to get involved, especially to the freshmen. Ms. Lanigan said if you are contemplating attending or getting more involved: “Take the risk- you won’t know till you try.” Ms. White also stated, “[SGC has an] eclectic group of the student body,” so there’s a spot for everyone. Although Atkins warned that her advice may sound “cheesy”, she said for the members to just be themselves and get involved as much as possible.

Student Government Council has officially started the 2016-2017 year with a fantastic first meeting turnout and some great plans for the club and school to look forward to. So, check out social media or listen to morning announcements for an upcoming SGC meeting and stop by; there’s a spot for everyone.


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