Veritas Updates Principal’s Page

harrisonAs most know, John Harrison is the new principal at Rockland High School. He assumed his position on July 1. The Veritas will therefore be updating the Principal’s Page on the Veritas website, beginning with Mr. Harrison’s first post on his blog (below). So, as always, check this page on the menu bar throughout the summer and the school year to get the latest from Rockland High School’s Principal or go directly to his blog:

Friday, July 1, 2016
Greetings from the new RHS Principal!
July 1, 2016

Dear Rockland High School Community,

It is with great excitement that I begin as Principal of Rockland High School. I feel very fortunate to join a learning environment with a committed staff, passionate student body, and supportive community.

Over the past few months, I have enjoyed attending a variety of school-wide events that have allowed me to start to understand the culture of Rockland High School. I was impressed by the thoughtful expression of ideas and strong presentation skills our students displayed at the Spellman Oratorical Contest. I was amazed by the high quality talent our art and music students displayed at the Arts Festival. The care students exemplified for each other at the Student Government Council Awards Night not only indicated how strong this leadership organization is but the strong values our students have to support each other. I observed the level of rigor involved to be a National Honor Society member at the Induction Ceremony and left impressed at how the students ran the entire night from start to finish under the direction of their advisor. When I attended the prom and graduation, the strong connections between staff and students were evident and the tightly knit sense of community in Rockland stood out. The past four months have afforded me the opportunity to realize how lucky I am to be Principal of Rockland High School.

Over the the next few months I will be working on my entry plan as Principal. While I will be meeting with all stakeholders within the Rockland community throughout the course of the entry plan, one of the elements of this plan is to meet with students and parents. When the school year begins, I will sit down with students to better understand the strengths and needs of Rockland High School. Throughout the summer and into the fall season, I have set-up the following dates and times for parents to meet with me this summer:
Tuesday, July 19th
8am-9am: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)
6pm-7pm: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)
Tuesday, August 23rd
8am-9am: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)
6pm-7pm: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)
Wednesday, September 14th
6pm-7pm: Room Location H141 (room across cafeteria)

It would be helpful if all students and parents could take the time to complete this brief survey so I can get to know the Rockland High School community in anticipation of the upcoming school year. Throughout the summer, I encourage you to stay informed by visiting my blog at or following me on twitter @RocklandHS. I wish you a restful, well-deserved summer and I am very much looking forward to working with you.


John M. Harrison
Rockland High School


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