Junior-Senior Prom held on May 19

king and queen

Joe Callahan and Myah Parsons, Senior King and Queen of the Prom

junior king and queen

Dana Peck and Matt Dunn, Junior Queen and King of the Prom

Hannah Boben, Veritas Staff

There’s nothing like prom night, getting dressed up, looking and feeling like royalty alongside your date, a feeling so memorable, it’ll remain with you forever.

RHS students experienced their magical night, filled with happiness and unforgettable moments with their friends and classmates, on May 19.

Although this night seemed to be so perfect that it would have had no problems in the making, there were plenty. For one, this wasn’t just a senior or a junior prom, it was a joint one. Unexpectedly in the beginning, Junior Class President Kaylee Patten and Senior Class President Mike Ahern had to join forces.

Taken by suprise and without a say, they were thrown into planning something that had never been done before. The reaction of the juniors and seniors with this out of their hands was mutual; both concluded it was unfair.

Another problem was “miscommunication and timing,” says Patten. Trying to get both seniors and juniors to agree on things was hard most times, especially meeting at a beneficial time.

As the deadlines and final days of preparations came, the classes got together. They had a change of heart and were ready for their plans to come to reality. With a set location at Lombardos in Randolph, a food menu to please everyone, as well as an ice cream sundae bar, people were eager for the day to come.

Exceeding almost everyone’s expectations, this prom was definitely one to go down in history.

As students arrived at Lombardo’s, the DJ was already busting out killer tunes of everyone’s favorite songs, and long lines filled the glittering photo booth, with everyone scrambling to find the right props.

As the food was served and the music got louder, everyone joined together for a long night of dancing, and an even better atmosphere evolving.


Patten and Ahern agree that the atmosphere of prom was definitely fun.  Ahern said, “People were dancing, taking photos with the chandelier, photos in the photo booth and everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time.”
It was a relief for class officers, students and faculty involved.

Ahern said, “From the people I’ve gotten the chance to speak with, the overall consensus has been that people liked the night and some even wish they could relive it.”
Patten said, “In the end it ended up being a success. The doubts we were afraid of vanished once the night went off flawlessly.”

A moment everyone had all been waiting for finally arrived, and it wasn’t just the calls for the ice cream bar. The junior and senior prom courts were announced.

As Prom 2016 leaves RHS on a good note, awaiting next year’s prom is a key focus other than reliving the night in the hundreds of pictures taken.  See our photo gallery of prom pictures; thank you to Ms. Walsh for her photos.


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