‘Who’s the Teacher’ Wins Nets for Nets Tournament

Who's the Teacher got the trophy: Danielle O'Brien, Aiden Glennon, Shannon Lindahl and Brian Smith

Who’s the Teacher got the trophy: Danielle O’Brien, Aiden Glennon, Shannon Lindahl and Brian Smith

Adiza Alasa and Hannah Boben, Veritas Staff

The team called “Who’s the Teacher?” took home the championship trophy for the Nets for Nets three on three basketball tournament.

The tournament was a fundraiser for an organization called Nothing but Nets. This organization helps to fight malaria in third world countries. The tournament was held on Weds. March 16 in the high school and middle school gyms. Junior Shannon Lindahl and English teacher Kristen Walsh came together with the idea of a fundraiser to help donate to this cause.

20 teams made up of middle and high school teachers and students battled in a double elimination tournament that featured some intense games. On the winning team, SSL all-star three point shooter, Danielle O’Brien and boys varsity center, Aiden Glennon owned the outside and inside game with Social Studies teacher, Brian Smith directing the play at the point.

“They both played fantastic. Danielle was hitting shots from Steph Curry range…Aiden was taking care of every person down low,” said Mr. Smith. Though Mr. Smith denied having played well, he scored when his team needed it and outworked his opponents for clutch rebounds. “Mr. Smith was the best rebounder in the tournament,” said Glennon.

For all the details on the tournament, see the next issue of the Veritas on sale April 1.  Follow this link to a Photo Gallery that includes pictures by Haley Macray and Hannah Boben.


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