Basketball Unifies Students

Danielle O'Brien, Steve Norris, John Gorman, and Michael Bodley at the unified basketball game.

Danielle O’Brien, Steve Norris, John Gorman and Michael Bodley at the unified basketball game.  photo by Mark Norris

Veritas Staff

If the attendance and fan participation at recent tournament basketball games at Rockland High School are any indication,  basketball is a big time passion in Rockland.

That is why Rockland High School Physical Education teacher, Brenda Folsom spent a considerable amount of time preparing her Adapted P.E. class for the annual unified basketball game held every year with Abington High School.

This year on Feb. 24, athletic director at Rockland High School, Gary Graziano,  donated  his free time to set up the gym at RHS for this annual game.

Unified basketball brings the high school players together with students in the Special Education Pathways class to compete against their rivals, the Green Wave of Abington.   Wearing camo t-shirts, girls and boys varsity basketball players joined together, rebounding and passing to their Pathways teammates, who made more shots than they missed.

The Bulldogs came away with the win, 50-34.

After a night of fun, medals were given to each of the participants. Pariticipant and girls varsity basketball player, Adiza Alasa said that the best part about the night was “seeing the happiness that the unified players got every time they scored a basket as well as the excitement of the general ed students.”

Instrumental in organizing this fun, spectator event was Student Government Vice President Caitlin Yannizzi.   Others who helped out were SG advisor, Kristen Walsh and Pathways teacher, Joanne White.  Special Education Aides also involved were Diane Mahoney and Paula Reyno.

Rockland Pathways players were: Emily Grandmont, Nick Cara, Mike Bodley, John Gorman, Josh Keating,  Alex Anzevino and John Yandle

Pathways Players from Abington were: Anthony Ambrose, Mary Cartier, Brianne Fisher, Christopher Hagerty, Alexx Jenner, Kerrie Morgan, Kim Oberlander, Taylor Piccuito, Grace Quinlan, Liam Casey.

Click here to see photos by Veritas photographer, Hannah Boben


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