Where Are They Now? Part IV

Mike Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

It is time for another edition of the RHS alumni series. For the fourth edition of the alumni series we went out and interviewed past graduates of RHS who have used their education as a catapult to future success.

One is a woman who is now a professional golfer. Another is a man who is hoping to design video games. Last is a woman who is looking to broaden her horizons as an involved college student.

First is Megan Khang, Class of 2015, who is now pursuing a career on the LPGA tour as a pro golfer.

Megan Khang, Class of 2015

Megan Khang, Class of 2015


Khang explained the importance of her Bulldog roots to her.

“Being a Bulldog means to have each other’s back no matter what, since we are like one big family.”  She says she greatly misses attending Rockland High School as well as seeing her friends everyday at school.

She explained how her RHS education has helped her tap into her potential to get her to where she is now.

“Teachers here provided life experiencing teachings outside of just the regular subjects.”

Khang took a different route than most students do when they leave Rockland High. She has gone on to become a professional women’s golfer.  Khang said, “I have now made the decision to go pro and become a professional women’s golfer.”

Much congratulations to her as she just was involved in the LPGA Tour and headed down to the Bahamas to play her first tournament as a rookie. After having a great showing in the tournament she is excited for the rest of her rookie season.

One of her long term aspirations is to become the best at the sport of golf among women.  Khang emphatically stated, “I want to become the best woman golfer in the world.” That is her big endeavor and we wish her the best on achieving it.

Her advice to the Class of 2016 is to, even when times get tough, believe in yourselves so you can seek out your full potential.

Megan Khang is already making the town of Rockland extremely proud every time she competes because no matter where she goes she represents Bulldog Nation.

Up next is Joseph Pumphrey, also from the Class of 2015.  Pumphrey is going for his bachelor degree in computer science at UMass Dartmouth.

Joe Pumphrey, Class of 2015

Joe Pumphrey, Class of 2015

Pumphrey talked about the sense of community and strength that he experienced as a part of Bulldog Nation.  “Strength and community are two things that are cherished as they were certainly displayed during our senior year.”

Pumphrey says he was really fond of the teachers that he had at RHS saying, “RHS has some of the greatest teachers because they care about the students and they genuinely want the best for you.”  He says he misses going to Rockland High School because it was fun to put forth your best effort into your schoolwork daily.  

Pumphrey believes that when people leave Rockland High they will miss it greatly stating, “It will all pay off, trust me; just enjoy your time there because when you leave RHS you are going to miss the walls that encompassed your knowledge.”

He says he has many goals but one greatest aspiration. “ My greatest aspiration is to lead a small team of intelligent minds working together to develop video game entertainment!”

To summarize Pumphrey’s advice to the class of 2016 is to take classes that are similar to the courses you want to major in at college and ace the classes that you absolutely love because that is what matters. 

Our last alumni profile for this edition is Molly Garrity from the Class of 2014. Garrity is attending Loyola University Maryland.

Molly Garrity, Class of 2014

Molly Garrity, Class of 2014

Garrity admits that she used to believe that being a Bulldog just had to do with school spirit and sports teams, but after being away from RHS for two years she thinks quite differently on this topic.

Garrity explains, “Now, that I have graduated when I hear someone mention the phrase ‘being a Bulldog’ I associate that with camaraderie and the idea that we are all connected.”

When it comes to how the education at RHS helped her to succeed Garrity says, “I think that my education prepared me to confidently work with administrators/professors. The staff at RHS always treated us like adults and because of that, my teachers became my mentors/friends, and it always felt normal to use them as resources. I think those things meant the most to me in the long run because I’ve never hesitated to approach professors or to advocate for myself when I needed to.”

Next, she went on to talk about how she missed the whole environment of RHS, as well as being in school with the people she grew up with and the great teachers that she looked to as a second set of parents.  Garrity stated, “I know my experience doesn’t speak for everyone, but I loved it all and I would pay for it to all happen again!”

Garrity is not one to look too long into the future because she is living in the present, taking one day at a time. Garrity said, “I am just going to with the flow, maybe do some volunteer work after I graduate from college here at Loyola Maryland, but who knows.”

Her advice to the Class of 2016 is to be honest with your peers if they’ve made an everlasting impact on you, because it’s those types of memories that you can appreciate and look back on in happiness for a lifetime.

Molly Garrity is confidently embracing whatever future opportunities come her way, thanks to her education here at RHS.

In closing, this concludes another edition of the alumni series. A special thanks to Megan Khang, Joseph Pumphrey and Molly Garrity for providing us with up-to-date information of how their time at Rockland High helped them get to where they are now.  

If you have graduated from Rockland High and want to be interviewed for the next or 5th edition of the alumni series please contact me at mivanoskos2016@rocklandschools.org. Thanks for tuning in; have a great week!


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