One Rockland Mini-Golf on Feb. 15: Don’t Miss Out!


Michelle Downey, Veritas Staff  

After raising more than $3,500 in the previous One Rockland Cable Auction, the students and staff involved in the upcoming One Rockland miniature – golf fundraiser hope to top that number.

On Feb. 15 Rockland High School Bulldog mentors, and their advisor, Gregory Rowe, will be welcoming families to the classrooms and hallways of RHS to play indoor mini golf. The event will be taking place from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. and will cost five dollars.

While the Rockland community is enjoying their many rounds of mini golf, they will be benefitting current and future Rockland High School students.

One Rockland has given RHS students the opportunity to volunteer their time during the fundraiser. In return they will raise money for the sports or activities they take part in. Different athletes and club members will be creating a mini golf hole, to represent their team or activity.

Both RHS students and those planning to attend this fundraiser are looking forward to the fun it will bring to their Monday morning and afternoon.

Sophomore and Bulldog mentor, Chris Penney, says, “I’m taking part in this fundraiser because it’s for a very good cause and it will help out the One Rockland program a lot. It seems like it will be a lot of fun.”

With constant positive energy and hype from the Rockland Bulldogs, it is hoped this event will bring an enthusiastic atmosphere all throughout Rockland High School and in the Rockland community. Make sure you come and join the Bulldogs as well as the Rockland community on this day full of golf and smiles.


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