Where Are They Now? Alumni Part III

Michael Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

It’s time for the Veritas’s  third edition of the Where Are They Now? series. Here are three more former Rockland High School students who have used their education at RHS as a launching pad for potential future success in the world. One is a girl whose goal is to become an elementary school English teacher. Another is a guy whose goal is to become successful in the Indie Rock music scene. Third, is a guy who is currently enlisted in the U.S. Army National Guard and hopes to become a U.S. History teacher.  These students are moving on with their lives but still have ties to RHS.

leah o'bryanFirst is Leah O’Bryan from the Class of 2013.

“To me, to be a Bulldog means to be respectful, strong, caring, and feel apart of something,” says O’Bryan, “ I feel that our motto Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog really does stay with you, no matter where you go in life.” She emphasized the community aspect of Rockland and is confident that whenever she returns to Rockland she will always feel that sense of community.  

RHS helped O’Bryan by supplying her with the fundamental knowledge to help her to succeed in life.  

O’Bryan said, “My education at RHS has helped me immensely in my endeavors over the last three years in college.” 

Not only does she miss the academics, she also misses after school activities and her educators.

I miss playing sports and the team camaraderie, as well as the teachers and staff.” O’Bryan enthusiastically mentions, “All the sports made high school fun and memorable and my teachers and the rest of the faculty were truly amazing.” O’Bryan added, “I am still in contact with some of my teachers and faculty from RHS and they truly have made a huge positive impact on my life.”  

Since her time at Rockland High School she has transferred schools a few times, and now, after two years, she is at Bridgewater State University. O’Bryan has also switched her major from nursing to a double major in Elementary Education and English.  

O’Bryan wants to specifically thank those who have inspired her, “I want to thank Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Armstrong for inspiring me to want to become a teacher and also Mrs. Lisa Ryan for assisting me in changing my major.”

One of O’Bryan’s goals is to go back to China where she was born and adopted from and teach in an orphanage there. That is a great goal,  Miss O’Bryan! Lastly, her advice to the Class of 2016 is to enjoy there time now because being an adult is not all it’s cracked up to be.

brian huntressNext is Brian Huntress from the Class of 2014.  

Huntress explained how his years at RHS helped him a great deal because the classes not only prepared him for college courses but they also got him interested in his own personal studies, improved his ability to think critically, and provided steady ground for him to stand on so he could further his education in a brave and sufficient way. Huntress went on to talk about what aspects of Rockland High he greatly misses.  

Huntress says, “I miss Mrs. Woodward’s Shakespeare class a whole lot.”  

Brian Huntress hasn’t had a dull moment since graduating from RHS in 2014.  Huntress reveals, “I have been smoking too much, playing shows, traveling, falling in love, discussing radical politics in Jamaica Plain basements, crying at inappropriate times, recordings albums, organizing punk shows, making art, writing poems, tinder dates. Also college classes sometimes.”   

Sounds like this dude has been killing it on the indie music and art scene.  Keep it up man!  Brian Huntress is in fact a part of the local indie folk group known as TJAP (The Justin Arena Project). His goals are to make more money per hour and get a record deal. Lastly, his advice to the Class of 2016 is to be passionate, don’t get high, don’t drink, and never take advice from a guy named Larry.

kyle cousinsThe third alumus is Kyle Cousins from the Class of 2015.   

Cousins was a Bulldog and what he had to say accurately displays that. Cousins emphasized,  “Being a Bulldog means never giving up and always being there for one another when the going gets tough.” Cousins strongly felt that through the variety of courses he took at Rockland High School it helped him to pick up good student skills. Cousins really misses the daily grind of Rockland High. Cousins said, “I miss seeing everyone everyday, the teachers, just the whole atmosphere of it.”

Cousins is a man with a plan.  Cousins said, “ I just got home from finishing my Army National Guard training, and now I’ll be going to college in the spring while continuing to serve the country.”

Much respect and prayers to him as he serves the country while getting an education.  His goals are to be back at Rockland High School as a U.S. History teacher.  So thumbs up to the History department at this school for fostering his developing interest in the subject.  His final advice to the Class of 2016 is to not rush this year because you will miss it greatly when it is over and right now figure out what you want to do. It makes everything all that easier.

Lastly, if you have received a diploma from Rockland High School and are interested in being interviewed for the Alumni Series Part IV please contact mivanoskos2016@rocklandschools.org. Thanks to Brian, Leah and Kyle for great cooperation. This has been another edition of “Where Are They Now?” Happy Holidays!



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