Theatre Guild to Present The Odd Couple This Weekend


Tahmya Cappra, Veritas Staff

The RHS Theatre Guild has done many plays and musicals throughout the years such as Fiddler on the Roof and last year’s fall musical Peter Pan. This year, the drama students with two new advisors, Special Education teacher Joanne White and English teacher Kendra Donovan, are just about ready to present their first show.  The Odd Couple will open on Friday, Dec. 11 at 7 pm in the auditorium and will have a second show on Saturday, Dec. 12 at 7 pm.

Ms. White explained what inspired this year’s play choice. “We thought The Odd Couple would be a fun one to start off the year.”

All grades will be participating in the show either “in the cast or back stage,” said Ms. White.

Ms. White gave details on the characteristics of the two protagonists, Florence played by Sophie McLellan and Olive played by Leah DeCecco.  “Florence is a very neat, clean and overly anxious woman.  Her character is the exact opposite of her new roommate Olive. Olive is a messy, go with the flow kind of woman. It is great to see the dynamic between the two unfold.”

Cast members in an early rehearsal of The Odd Couple. photo by Hannah Boben

Cast members in an early rehearsal of The Odd Couple. photo by Hannah Boben

She also gave a little sneak peek of the plot. “There is also a group a women that get together every weekend to play Trivial Pursuit and a couple of brothers from Spain that Olive and Florence have over for a dinner.  The characters are all very distinct and a lot of fun to watch,” she said.

Mrs. Donovan also said that the cast is excited for the show.  “Our cast is having a lot of fun putting the play together.”

Mrs. Donovan also said that they are fortunate to have diverse talent.  “We have a great mix of students and now that the rehearsal process is underway the excitement is definitely growing.”

She went on to say that having great talents will make it engaging for the audience. “We are lucky enough to have some incredibly talented students involved so the humor of the play will really shine through.”

The production process takes a huge effort. Ms. Donovan stated that the cast has been working hard.  “We are rehearsing and blocking nearly every day from now until the show.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s going to be worth it.”

Leah DeCecco plays Olive in the Female version of The Odd Couple. photo by Hannah Boben

Leah DeCecco plays Olive in the Female version of The Odd Couple

Senior and seasoned  theatre guild member, Leah DeCecco, expressed her interest in the play and talked about her role in the play.

“I was interested in the play mainly because I love to do theater, and I’ve always been involved in RHS theatre.” She also said that it is her last year of high school and she has the desire to do as much as possible.

“It’s also my senior year and I want to do as much theatre as I can.”

DeCecco was happy to get the part in the play that she wanted.

“ I am playing Olive, who is the equivalent of Oscar in the original male version of the play.”

Describing what her character’s mannerisms are, she said, “Olive is very disorganized, and very, very impulsive.”

Junior theatre guild member, Sophie McLellan, also expressed her love for theater and her interest in auditioning for the play. “I’ve loved theater all my life and I’m happy to be involved in it whenever I get the chance.”

She has enjoyed the theatre guild productions in the past. “The past few school productions have been brilliant and so much fun to be a part of. It would be hard to get me not to audition.”

McLellan mentioned that she also received the part in the play that she wanted. “I was very lucky because I got the role I wanted, which was Florence Unger.”

She too described her character’s traits. “She is a very peculiar character, with lots of quirks and odd habits, which makes her a very fun character to portray on stage.”

Sophie also said that the dynamic between Florence and Olive is what makes the show amusing. “Florence’s relationship with Olive makes the show both hilarious and fun.”

Along with the advisors, lead stars DeCecco and McLellan feel that everyone will enjoy the play.

Tickets are available at the door on both nights of the show for $12; or they can be purchased on ShowTix4U .com  in advance for $10.

The Odd Couple, Female Version

Cast List

Sylvie – Kellie BerryRenee – Shandi AustinVera – Erin FieldMickey – Morgan FosterOlive – Leah DeCeccoFlorence  – Sophie McLellanJesus – Ryan Struzziery,  Manolo – Sean Vo

Joanne White and Kendra Donovan modeling the odd couple at rehearsal.  photo by Jill Donahue

Directors, Joanne White and Kendra Donovan modeling the odd couple at rehearsal. photo by Jill Donahue


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