Alumni Part II

Michael Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

It’s time for another edition of “Where are they now?” There are three more past alumni that have used RHS in the correct way to pave the way for their future success. One graduated early, one was a cheerleader at RHS, and one was very involved with the percussion section of our music department. One wants the simple American dream, one wants to become a teacher of the younger minds, and the last alum is deciding between pursuing a career in math or music theatre.

Ella Engle at graduation last June.

Ella Engle at graduation last June.

First is Ella Engle who graduated last year. She was actually from the Class of 2016. She did not know she was on pace to graduate in 2015 until after college applications were due. So, she missed the original application deadlines, but will be attending UMASS Lowell in January, 2016. Engle has been keeping occupied by taking gen-ed classes at Quincy College in the meantime.

Growing up in Rockland inspired Engle in many ways. “Being a Bulldog to me means that wherever I go Rockland will always be my home.” She also says that the skills she picked up while attending RHS are perseverance, grit, and being an all around hard worker. Engle exclaimed, “It made me understand the value of hard work and community.” Engle adds, “I miss my friends and other people that I now have even less opportunities to see.”

Her American dream is to become a teacher in order to inspire others through her line of work. In addition to that she wants to get married, raise a family, and read some great books along the way. It is awesome to see how teachers at RHS might have impacted her to decide to want to become a teacher. So thumbs up to Ella Engle and the teaching staff at RHS!

Lastly, Engle’s advice to seniors is to be role models for underclassmen and set an example of what it means to be a Bulldog.

krystin killionNext up is Krystin Killion who is a member of the Class of 2015. She has been consistently applying the materials she has learned at RHS to her school work at Bridgewater State University. Killion said, “I hope to become an elementary school teacher and high school cheerleading coach. So, I should be back at RHS in a few years!”

Killion’s connection to RHS remains strong. “Bulldog Nation always comes together for each other in times of need.” She says  she greatly misses her friends, the teaching staff, and the cheerleading program from RHS.

Her advice to the Class of 2016 at RHS is: “Be happy to be the oldest in the school right now because you will be little freshmen again!” Also, she said that we should live every day like it’s our last. To sum it up this girl has goals and a passion for reaching excellence in whatever she decides to do.

PJ Butler is a freshman at UNH.

PJ Butler is a freshman at UNH.

Lastly, is P.J. Butler from the Class of 2015. Butler is currently attending the University of New Hampshire and majoring in Applied Mathematics. Butler states, “Rockland will always be home to me no matter if I’m a state away.”

His summer was filled with work, band camp, and his marching band duties at UNH. He says he wants to be a drum major by the end of college and get a degree in Applied Mathematics or Musical Theatre. Butler said, “Senior year flies by and the Class of 2016 at RHS should be taking pictures of every memory because their time at RHS is precious. ”

Whatever direction Butler goes in, whether it’s math or music, he will do great because he has a leader’s mentality.

The Veritas would like to continue this feature, “Where Are They Now,” so if you want to participate or would like to refer a good candidate for our profiles, email us at


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