One Rockland Live Auction to be Held Sunday

Hope Geary, Veritas Staff

If you’re involved with a sport or club, you know about the dreaded fundraising that comes along with it. Now, you have One Rockland to help you out with that. One Rockland is a new unified  fundraising program that will hold large fundraiser events that will bring in a bigger income. The income will then be divided between all of the teams and clubs in the school. This will also allow students to work together in order to reach the same goal.

Gregory Rowe, a history teacher and varsity soccer coach at Rockland High, is donating his time to students and stepping up to run the program. Jaymie Atkins, Matt Dunn, Jeffre Donahue, Danielle O’Brien, Erin Field and Chris Penney have all been chosen to be the One Rockland Student Committee. Each of these students is involved in sports and activities, is well rounded and fits the job perfectly.

There is also a large number  of students who have been nominated to be Bulldog mentors. Bulldog Mentors are mainly responsible for helping out the freshmen and preparing them for everything they will face in high school. The Bulldog Mentor captains are Harrison Shields and Lexie Carchedi. All of these students will also take part in the One Rockland fundraisers.  

One of the first events that One Rockland has planned is a live auction. All the items that are being auctioned have been donated from the clubs, athletic teams, and various members of the community. The live auction will take place on Sunday, November 15, and it  will be on the air from 11am to 2pm on WRPS. If you have Comcast it will be on channel 15 and if you have Verizon it will be on channel 32. The WRPS staff which includes Chris Burnieika, Lisa Breeden and David Cable-Murphy are producing the event.

When asked about the auction Mr.Rowe stated, “We have over 45 items which includes a signed Julian Edelman jersey, a cooking lesson with Mr. Graziano, tickets to theatre and sporting events, as well as a number of gift certificates and other memorabilia. That will be exciting.”   The auction is expected to go pretty well this year and all of the members of One Rockland are hoping for the income to grow each year as the program continues according to Mr. Rowe. Mr. Burnieika mentioned that the estimated income or goal for the event is to raise 5,000 dollars.

Many people want to know what the clubs, activities and sports teams will be getting from One Rockland. “The basic thing we’re trying to cover now is uniforms for athletics and transportation and production costs for activities. So things like NHS will have their banquet and ceremony paid for. SGC and band will have their transportation paid for, and we’re hoping to get on a three year uniform cycle so if you play three varsity sports you will get a new uniform every year,” said Mr. Rowe.

This new program should be very exciting for the students. In the past everyone had to raise funds on their own, or bring money to pay for a bus and pay for other things like t-shirts. Jaymie Atkins, a member of the One Rockland Student Committee said, “Personally I’m looking forward to new uniforms for soccer and girls lacrosse, but also I’m looking forward to where this program will be in a couple years and how far it will take the school. I can picture in about four years these fundraisers will be a part of the Rockland tradition and will be very popular!”

Like stated earlier, the live auction will take place on Sunday, November 15, and it  will be on the air from 11am to 2pm on WRPS. If you have Comcast it will be on channel 15 and if you have Verizon it will be on channel 32. 


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