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Michael Ivanoskos, Veritas Staff

The students of RHS regularly hear that with a Rockland education the sky is truly the limit. Three former RHS students have been leaving their particular mark as individuals in the real world. From future engineers to aspiring musicians to hard working laborers all in the making, these students credit their Rockland roots with giving them a great start in their careers.

andrew ivan...First, Andrew Ivanoskos,  from the Class of 2012, is currently working as traffic supervisor for the Cambridge Police Department.  Ivanoskos commented on what being a Bulldog  meant to him. “Being a Bulldog means representing Rockland High School with pride.”  

Next, he went into how RHS helped him grow as a man, “The education I received there helped  me to grow and mature in my studies.”  He acknowledged, “How the teachers at RHS equipped me with the  knowledge to succeed and the community service I did helped to prepare me for life in the working world.”  

Ivanoskos enthusiastically reported,I miss the students as well as the staff and participating in sports for the town such as hockey and football!”

Since graduation,  he has attended Massasoit Community College and majored in Liberal Arts for one year.   “Through Massasoit I met a variety of nice people.”

He came to the conclusion he was meant to have a job where he can use his hands. His current long-term goals for the future are to either work for public works or the City of Cambridge as a full-time laborer. He said, “I have considered the possibility of getting my CDL (Commercial Driving License).”  

Overall, the education he received at RHS helped him to succeed in the work world. His final advice to current seniors is be prepared to work hard and treat people with kindness.

ethan rooneySecond, is Ethan Rooney from the Class of 2014. He is majoring in Facilities/ Engineering at Mass Maritime Academy.

Rooney  mentioned how kids from Rockland should be unselfish. “Being a Bulldog means you put other people first. When someone needs your help you should be quick to drop what you are doing and assist them.”  

The education he received helped him to succeed by offering the basics he needed to grasp more complex college material.  

Rooney said, “I miss all my friends, the football team and all the fun times we had in the locker room!” As one who knew Rooney would expect, football is still part of his life.  

His current long-term aspirations are to work in power plant or maybe an oil rig in the cold environment of Alaska.

To sum it up, Ethan Rooney’s education at RHS helped him to create goals for himself. His advice to RHS seniors is to get all the college application process finished now and you will not be stressed once it’s done.

andrea mendesThird, is Andrea Mendes from the Class of 2011. Mendes commented on the impact of  being from Rockland,  “Around here it is like once a Bulldog always a Bulldog.”  She added, “This town is small to the point where  in the recent tragic events everybody was able to be there for each other.” In her eyes that is what represents being from Rockland and owning the Bulldog label.  

She went on to explain how she misses the food and compared chicken with mashed potato bowl to the excitement of Christmas morning.  Mendes also said, “I also felt a lot closer to the teachers at RHS than just becoming another face in a crowd to a professor.”  It is worth it to note a great number of college classes are held in lecture halls with 50+ kids. 

Mendes is attending Bridgewater State University and is in her last year currently. She did not know the type of career she wanted to do until her junior year in college. She is currently majoring in Communications/Public relations. She has a job with CBS radio in Boston and Ring communications which is a PR(Public Relations) firm.  

Mendes explained the impact of her education at RHS. “I was also a former writer for the Veritas; it led me to pursue communications as a major in college and overall helped me to find success.”  

She is going to be interning at Sony entertainment this semester and wants to dive into the music industry; she hopes to do PR work for a record label in New York.

It seems like RHS helped start her on a path to finding her career and she is so grateful for that.  Her last words of advice are to appreciate those small 3- page papers because you’ll be required to write 8 to 10 pages on a regular basis in college.



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  1. Good reporting. Nice to see how our graduates are doing.

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