RHS supports finding a cure with Pink-Out Day

By Joe Taft, Veritas Sports and Web Editor

As October rolls around the hallways of Rockland High School are filled with pink in support of breast cancer awareness. Despite the rainy forecast set for Sunday, Oct. 4, many students are expected to participate in the annual Breast Cancer Walk in Boston.  Because of the rain students wore their pink on Friday, Oct. 2, creating a sea of pink throughout the school. The support of finding a cure for breast cancer is encouraging, but not surprising to see from a student-body who has grown so close together since last year.

Junior Sydney Wells participated, like many others, in the festivities on Friday. “I really enjoy pink-out day because it gives our school an opportunity to show our support for people who have breast cancer, have had breast cancer, or know someone who has been lost because of the battle with it.”. Sydney’s opinion has been the all-around vibe in the school and will be for the whole month.

Breast Cancer awareness is a serious matter, and even though it is easy to dress in pink once, RHS students and staff should capitalize throughout the month. The idea of having a pink-out every Friday this month has been discussed and brought to Ms. Walsh, and is currently pending approval.

Wells said, “It is something simple students and their teachers can do that is for a great cause, I also believe we should do colored days for other cancers or diseases. For example, purple for autism awareness and suicide awareness, or red for heart disease month.”

Wells has a point. If this idea is picked up on, students could donate to the cause that is being supported as well. Money was collected in each classroom for an extended period of time to donate to finding a cure to breast cancer.

Whether supporting disease and suffering is apparent through t-shirt color or just in our minds, we will continue to reinforce the causes no matter what. If interested, the Breast Cancer Walk takes place Sunday, Oct. 4, in Boston. Feel free to contact an SGC member for more information on the event. The true passion and love in RHS is something every student, parent, staff member, and resident of Rockland should be proud of.


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