RMS Eighth Graders Gear Up for High School

Natalie Draicchio, Veritas Staff

As summer gets closer and the school year ends, the eighth graders are trying to prepare themselves for what’s to come as they enter high school. Making a big life change from middle school to high school can be hard for some.  Adjusting to a new environment with older kids you do not know, and being the youngest in the school can be stressful for many students. Dealing with new situations can make people nervous. Despite the normal nervousness these three eighth graders Adiza Alasa, Danny Callahan, and Devin Tobin-Rosman feel ready to move into the high school.

three eighth graders

Devin Tobin-Rossman, Adiza Alasa, and Danny Callahan are ready for the transition to high school. Photo by Ryan Palmer

Alasa says she is ready.  “I have been watching both JV and varsity basketball games since sixth grade and I will finally get to be a part of it.”

Callahan says he is most looking forward to “more freedom throughout the day, not getting babied like I did in the middle school.”

Tobin-Rosman is also looking forward to “taking different classes that are of interest to me and that may help me with my future.”

Two out of these three eighth graders explained that they are not nervous to enter the high school for many different reasons. Callahan says, “I am not really nervous about entering the high school because I know most of the kids and they will help me out if I have any problems.”

Rosman explains,  “I am not nervous about entering high school because my brother went to Rockland High School and my sister is still a student there. I also know a lot of students that are there now.”

On the other hand, Alasa feels differently.  “I am a little nervous for high school because it is the last school I will go to before college.”

All of them agree that they are academically ready for high school and the experiences that are coming up in their lives.

Alasa says,  “I think I am ready for high school because my teachers have been preparing me for it and I have outgrown the middle school. I plan on working hard and doing my best academically and athletically the next four years.”

Callahan explains, “I think that I’m pretty ready for high school next year and really looking forward to it.”

Rosman says, ”I am ready for high school.  I am eager to learn and hope to be prepared for college.”

With not much time left as middle school students, these eighth graders appear to be ready for what is ahead of them in two and a half months.

Middle school cafeteria photo by Matt O'Brien

Middle school cafeteria photo by Matt O’Brien



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